Cuba Tries to Block UN Speech by Oswaldo Paya’s Daughter / Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo

Thank you, Mr. President. My name is Rosa Maria Payá, member of the Christian Liberation Movement and daughter of its national coordinator, Oswaldo Payá, opposition leader and Sakharov Prize laureate of the European Parliament. My father dedicated his life to … Continue reading

More Simple and Sincere Oswaldo Paya’s #ProyectoHeredia / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo #Cuba

Oswaldo Paya and his daughter Rosa Maria, before his death earlier this year The Heredia Project can be signed or at least freely disseminated for Cubans and the great media (scaredy cats) of the international press. To the imprisoned national … Continue reading

Oswaldo Paya Was Also Sentenced in the Black Spring / Mario Barroso #Cuba

In 2003 José Oswaldo Paya Sardinas received the greatest tyrannical onslaught that preceded this other well-calculted and final one of 2012. Even without being on the list of those imprisoned, he was the grewatest victim of the so-called Cuban Black … Continue reading