The Teacher of Teachers Left / Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez

Luis Felipe Rojas arrives in exile. 25 October 2012

Yesterday the dissident Cuban writer Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabel, author of the blog “Crossing the Barbed Wire,” left the Holguin city of San German for the land of the free. Today, therefore, is a very sad day both for the opposition as well as for independent journalists and the Cuban blogosphere, because the teacher of teachers has left, a complete authority on discourse and recommendations for writers and bloggers, and above all a true specialist on sending multimedia via cellphones.

Rojas Rosabel was the first journalist to whom I granted an interview in April of 2007 after I got out of prison. We owe him a lot: expert in sending Twitters and multimedia, exemplary patriot, religious Cuban and sensible guajiro. Rojas Rosabel leaves a big hole in his party, extremely difficult to fill, but a pleasant memory and the most positive of impressions.

In his native San German, the repressive forces took the opportunity to try to fabricate a dissident intellectual from a left-leaning and extreme moderate to counteract Luis Felipe and his important work, a move that struck at the dignity and firmness of purpose of our brother whom we are sure that, from the land of the free, will continue as a leader, teacher, fighter and committed patriot and above all a source of pride for all of us who had the honor to meet his and share with him in the struggle.

One more Cuban who is forced to leave his homeland, to protect his existence and that of his family. One more friend who left and whom I don’t know if I will ever see again. One more reason to continue fighting, proud of the chosen path. When men like Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabel exist, despite the difficulties and geographic distance, we are convinced that the freedom of Cuba may be delayed, but it is certain, very certain.

October 26 2012