The British Company Small World Suspends the Sending of Remittances to Cuba From Europe

Fincimex suggested that senders from Europe use other routes

So far there is no known on-line version of Small World that explains the reasons / EFE

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, June 15, 2024 — Remittances that were sent to Cuba from Europe through Small World Financial Services have been stopped. Since 2011, the British company has been dedicated to sending remittances to the Island. This was reported by the Cuban State-owned company Fincimex through a statement that was released this Friday on all its social networks, and that in turn was replicated by the profiles of some Cuban banks, such as the Metropolitan of Havana.

The financial institution belonging to the Cimex Corporation pointed out that so far they do not have an official statement from Small World that explains the reason or the extent of the interruption in its operations.

Nor does the English company’s website contain any statement from its press team. However, some local media have echoed the news confirming the cessation of operations. If a person tries to send money to Cuba from the Small World portal, a legend appears that says “country not available.”

Small World’s operations to Cuba are not available / 14ymedio

Fincimex explained that “they will keep consumers informed about any news of interest” in relation to the interruption of operations by Small World, which was described as “unexpected.” “This financial service was in high demand from Europe, for its stability, security and immediacy. It is confirmed that there are no operations in transit or pending at the time of the closure of the operations,” the statement says.

 Fincimex recommended looking for other alternatives for sending remittances from Europe

Given the situation, Fincimex suggested that senders from Europe use other official channels to send their remittances to Cuba. It mentioned several services such as,, and through It added that “these routes guarantee direct remittances to bank accounts, Classic cards and AIS in just 7 minutes and with competitive prices.”

At the beginning of May, after remaining inactive for a few months, Western Union’s remittance service to Cuba from the United States resumed “with immediate effect,” according to Fincimex, “in coordination with its counterpart, Orbit S.A.”

At the end of that same month, Western Union announced its partnership with the virtual shopping site Katapulk, owned by the Cuban-American Hugo Cancio, owner of the Fuego group of companies. In a statement, the American financier explained that the motive behind the union is to create “an additional channel to send money to close relatives in Cuba” and “offer its customers a first-class experience.”

Translated by Regina Anavy


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