About the Migratory “Reforms” / Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez #Cuba

In February 2008, the United States government granted me a special humanitarian visa for my consequent admission into Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami in order to treat my severe cardiovascular infection which I still have. Because I put as a condition real guarantees of returning as soon as I finished the examinations, and not accepting the humiliating condition of permanent exit from the country, the political police denied me the famous exit permit.

Friend who follows me on Twitter, it still has not occurred to me to reactivate my passport, foreseeing the little Castro-communist game. But if I ask myself, in the case of seeking it, will the tyranny permit me to leave to go to the hospital and then return, knowing that I will neither shut up nor leave?

Camarioca, in the ’60’s. Mariel in the ’80’s. The rafter crisis in 1994. And now, the migratory reformers: the escape valves continue, the strategies continue, the bleeding of our nation by the Castro-communist tyranny continues.

Alert, compatriots. Alert, compatriots. This can be a little game of incalculable and dire consequences for our nation.

Translated by mlk

January 15 2013

Attack on Antunez in Placetas / Luis Felipe Rojas #Cuba

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” – Photo by Tracey Eaton

Democratic Cuban Directorate, Miami, December 3, 2012. In the city of Placetas Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” reported that at noon he was traveling on his bicycle to his home, and at the intersection of South 5th Street at the corner of West 6th, a police car came behind him, toward the place where he was riding. On turning on his bike toward a street to the right, he followed his instinct for self-preservation, the cop car managed only to brush him from behind, and the police, visibly nervous, ask him for his identity card and detained him.

“Looking back I realize that had this attack of the cop car against me taken place next to the little bridge there that I would have fallen and broken my neck, it would have killed me. This worries me greatly considering the number of threats that I am receiving from the police; the threats I received in Camagey when I was arrested, they were going to kill me, they would not allow me to continue to promote activities in the streets. Death threats recently in the province of Holguín when I was arrested. That hatred and that viciousness that the military doesn’t hide when they confront me,” complained Antunez.

December 4 2012

Members of the internal Cuban Resistance reaffirm their pledge to keep up the fight for democratic change in the streets of Cuba / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

Today is the 27th of November 2012 and after having sung the notes of the National Hymn a group of Cuban resistance members, militants from different organizations of the peaceful opposition, are here in the city of Placetas on the roof top of the home headquarters and we are and are going to give a reading in the voice of Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo of a joint statement of various organizations about themes of the Cuban resistance.


Many opposition organizations gathered in the city of Placetas this November 27, 2012, in order to draft and make known this joint statement in which they express their commitment and collaboration, as well as their reciprocal loyalty in moments in which the regime through its political police becomes embroiled in a dirty and pre-meditated campaign to bleed the vital forces of the Cuban resistance, specifically those who have contributed most to that important breach and earnedareas of freedom.

The Cuban Party for Human Rights affiliated with the Andrei Sakharov Foundation, the Rosa Parks Women’s Movement for Civil Rights, the House of the Prisoner Ernesto Diaz Madruga, the Mario Manuel de la Pena Movement for Human Rights, the Cuban Association of Free Yorubas, the Pedro Luis Boitel National Civil Resistance Movement, want to let emerge in an open and responsible way our resolute decision to respond with unity, commitment and activism to the despicable effort to remove the internal resistance from the streets and public spaces in order to return them to their homes and enclosed places.

Those present here, all promoters of civil disobedience as a fighting strategy, want to make quite clear our unconditional support for any civilian project that may be put into practice, emphasizing our priorityof those initiatives thatfurther international repercussion and other media impacts that may promote change, from the citizen, from the actual phases and taking into account the potential factors for democratic change.


Damaris Moya Portieles, Central Opposition Coalition

Yaite Dianeyes Cruz Sosa, Rosa Parks Movement for Civil Rights and Central Opposition Coalition

Orestes Eusebio Hernandez Guevara, Cuban Free Yorubas Association and Central Opposition Coalition

Blas Augusto Fortin Martinez, Mario Manuel de la Pena Movement and Central Opposition Coalition

Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, Rosa Parks Women’s Movement for Civil Rights and Central Opposition Coalition

Arturo Conde Zamora, Pedro Luis Boitel Civil National Resistance Movement and Central Opposition Coalition

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, Orlando Zapata Civil Resistance and Disobedience Front

Also added to this statement:

Jorge Vazquez Chaviano, Cuban Party for Human Rights affiliated with the Andrei Sajarov Foundation and the Central Opposition Coalition

Segundo Rey Cabrera Gonzalez, Cuban Committee for Human Rights and the Central Opposition Coalition

From the Youth Movement for Democracy and the Juan Pablo II Movement for Human Rights:

Roberto Gonzalez Pelegrin

Rodai Matos Matos

Yunier Jimemez de la Cruz

Francisco Luis Manzanet Ortiz

Jorge Leiva Serrat

Jesus Pena Ramirez

Luis Noa Silva

Emilio Almaguer de la Cruz

Reinier Reina Salas

Randy Caballero Suarez

Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, National Coordinator for the Eastern Democratic Alliance

Donaida Perez Paseiro, Rosa Parks Women’s Movement for Civl Rights and the Central Opposition Coalition

Loreto Hernandez Garcia, Cuban Free Yorubas Association and the Central Opposition Coalition

Luis Enrique Santos Caballero, Central Opposition Coalition

Jose Lino Ascencio Lopez Central Opposition Coalition

Barbara Moya Portieles Central Opposition Coalition

Juana Contreras Aguilar Central Opposition Coalition

Yanoisis Contreras Aguilar Central Opposition Coalition

Xiomara Martinez Jimenez, Rosa Parks Women’s Movement for Civil Rights and the Central Opposition Coalition

Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo, Cuban Party for Human Rights affiliated with the Andrei Sakharov Foundation

Long live the internal resistance! Viva!

Long live the Cuban Party for Human Rights affiliated with the Andrei Sakharov Foundation! Viva!

Long live the Pedro Luis Boite National Civil Resistance Movement! Viva!

Long live the Rosa ParksWomen’s Movement for Civil Rights! Viva!

Long live the Front! Viva!

Long live free Cuba! Viva!

The streets are of the people!

We are all Resistance!

Attention, attention, we are informing you that before undertaking this activity military troops armed with bladed weapons have just entered thechildren’s circlelocated next to my home, the Golden Age, there is stupor, there is fear, there are several relatives that have approached this circle to take their children and we are blaming the communist Castro tyranny in the person of Raul Jazares, chief of the political police for the psychological damage that the sight of those firearms may cause to those little children.

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, Orlando Zapata Civil Resistance and Disobedience Front

We want to highlight that we dedicatedtoday’s celebration to the honor of the eight medical students who one day like today werekilled by the cowardly bullets of the Spanish colonialists.

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, Orlando Zapate Civil Resistance and Disobedience Front

Translated by mlk

November 27 2012

The Teacher of Teachers Left / Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez

Luis Felipe Rojas arrives in exile. 25 October 2012

Yesterday the dissident Cuban writer Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabel, author of the blog “Crossing the Barbed Wire,” left the Holguin city of San German for the land of the free. Today, therefore, is a very sad day both for the opposition as well as for independent journalists and the Cuban blogosphere, because the teacher of teachers has left, a complete authority on discourse and recommendations for writers and bloggers, and above all a true specialist on sending multimedia via cellphones.

Rojas Rosabel was the first journalist to whom I granted an interview in April of 2007 after I got out of prison. We owe him a lot: expert in sending Twitters and multimedia, exemplary patriot, religious Cuban and sensible guajiro. Rojas Rosabel leaves a big hole in his party, extremely difficult to fill, but a pleasant memory and the most positive of impressions.

In his native San German, the repressive forces took the opportunity to try to fabricate a dissident intellectual from a left-leaning and extreme moderate to counteract Luis Felipe and his important work, a move that struck at the dignity and firmness of purpose of our brother whom we are sure that, from the land of the free, will continue as a leader, teacher, fighter and committed patriot and above all a source of pride for all of us who had the honor to meet his and share with him in the struggle.

One more Cuban who is forced to leave his homeland, to protect his existence and that of his family. One more friend who left and whom I don’t know if I will ever see again. One more reason to continue fighting, proud of the chosen path. When men like Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabel exist, despite the difficulties and geographic distance, we are convinced that the freedom of Cuba may be delayed, but it is certain, very certain.

October 26 2012

A Declaration from Virginia / Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez

Points of the declaration from Virginia.

The signatories below, members of a countless number of organizations which make up the Central Opposition Coalition, an entity affiliated with the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front of Civic Resistance, have gathered this Wednesday, 3rd of October 2012, in the already historic and war-hardened neighborhood of Virginia, in Santa Clara, where we will write down in a public declaration of principles the following aspects and commitments.

1- Today those who sign and seal this declaration support the initiative named “Civic Demand for Another Cuba”.

– At the same time, all and each of those present ratify the viable character of the program “Towards a National Stoppage” as a continuity and colophon to the campaign of No Cooperation in its first and second stages. As promoters of the same, we make clear that with the campaign “Towards a National Stoppage” we initially make a call to take consciousness on the side of the Cuban population of the necessity to create conditions that permit, with the participation of all Cubans, a gradual stoppage of economic, political and social structures and mainly the repressive ones of the Castro Communism.

3- Those making this declaration today in the Neighborhood of Virginia see with consent and patriotic prid ethe birth and positive development of Homes of the Prisoner in Cuba, genuine expression of the maturity of the unanimity of a nation that they try to divide based on absurd categorizations.

4- At times when the forces of domestic resistance suffer like never before from the repressive onslaught of the tyranny, we request solidarity from the international community. From our hard reality we pray so that the people of Venezuela rescue again the destiny of this brother nation and with it the futureand stability of our hemisphere.

5- The Central Opposition Coalitionand the National Front of Civic Resistance Orlando Zapata Tamayo, ratifies its executive structure in Cuba, as well as to ratify the Assembly of Cuban Resistance as our representative outside Cuba.


Rolando García Casa de Vals, Yanisbel Valido Pérez, Arturo Conde Zamora, Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, Alcides Rivera Rodríguez, Carlos Michael Morales Rodríguez, Alexei Sotolongo Díaz, Rolando Ferrer Espinosa, Leticia Ramos Herrería who was arrested trying to get there, Alberto Reyes Morales, Miuchel Oliva López, Xiomara Martín Jiménez, Mayra Conyedo García, Onelia Alfonso Hernández, Idania Yanez Contreras, Aramilda Contreras Rodríguez, Damaris Moyas Portieles, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez, Santa González Pedroso, arrested trying to arrive, Julio Columbie Batista, arrested trying to arrive, Irael Pérez Díaz, arrested trying to arrive, our brothers Ricardo Pupo Sierra and his brave troop in Cienfuegos who are detained in their own houses and because of safety reasons a high number of brothers who in this moments are either arrested, are being arrested or simply detained in their own houses.

Among the present organizations are found Resistance Movement, Rosa Parks Women Movement, Nationalist Party of Cuba, The Home of the Prisoner, among others, all the organizations ratify their unconditional permanence, eternal and faithful to the Coalition of Central Opposition and we recognize our leader Idania Yánez Contreras as figure who most gathers us together with most important, serious, genuine leadership of the opposition in the center of the country.

Long Live the Coalition of Central Opposition.

Long Live Domestic Resistance.

Long Live Free Cuba.

Translated by: Anony GY

October 4 2012

Message to Cubans Within and Outside Cuba and to International Public Opinion / Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez

Message to Cubans Within and Outside Cuba and to International Public Opinion from Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” on the 15th of September

Read in the voice of Nonaida Paseiro Perez, the women’s right movement formed from the Rosa Parks Women’s Movement for Civil Rights.

After feeling my health worsen due to my hunger strike that lasted several days, and reacting to what appeared about the start and the demand of my protest in various media, I wanted to clarify the following.

First: I started the hunger strike on Friday September 7 at 6 pm, and not on Monday the 10th as did other opponents after giving a press conference.

Second: My demand is the release of political prisoner Jorge Vazquez Chaviano, or to give him a solution satisfying and acceptable to him. I am also protesting for the deplorable situation of the human rights in Cuba that occurs because of the systematic political accusation against me which is implied in the practice of house arrest.

For reasons of principle and not trusting in the existing health care system, controlled by another political policy, do not accept medical attention. From the previous statement it follows that only in an unconscious state if on their own initiative relatives or countrymen would take me to a health center due to their human feelings and sentiments.

Translated by Steven Guas, Michael Martinez, Austin Sprinkle, Richard Hidalgo, Matthew Marini

September 15 2012

The Death of Oswaldo Payá and the Opposition in Cuba / Yoani Sánchez

In less than a year the Cuban opposition has lost two of its most important leaders. On October 14 of last year life of Laura Pollán, the principal coordinator of the Ladies in White and the key figure in the release of the Black Spring prisoners, was cut short. A week ago a car crash, yet to be fully explained, claimed the life of Oswaldo Payá, founder of the Christian Liberation Movement.

These activists had great national and international recognition and their physical absence comes at a time when the dissidence is seeking new horizons. Hence, the need to analyze the scenario in which these deaths have occurred, and their potential impact on the immediate future.

On thing about which there is no doubt, is that the Cuban opposition on the Island is characterized by its peaceful nature and its renunciation of armed violence.  It prefers to base its actions in political programs, documents demanding respect for Human Rights, street demonstrations, signs painted on facades, or simply open door meetings.

It behaves and manifests a much more democratic behavior than the government installed in the Plaza of the Revolution. Within the ranks of the dissidence there is a great variety of opinions with respect to possible paths and outcomes of the transition. Although some of these routes diverge, there are numerous points on which all converge. The urgent need for political, social and economic changes is the common thread that runs through civil society.

Calls to end the harassment of dissidents, arbitrary arrests and politically motivated prison sentences, form a part of this common agenda. In addition, everyone agrees that Raúl Castro’s government has exhausted its solutions to pressing national problems.

To talk or to overthrow

Although many schemes have been offered to classify the Cuban opposition, most of the studies have focused on the political leanings of the groups within it. Some analysts have established generational breaks, between the historical opposition and much younger actors. In practice, however, it is not political colors or age that differentiate most markedly the dissimilarities between dissident organizations. A key point is the legitimacy they assign to Raúl Castro’s government in their agendas and their proposals for change.

Some maintain that dialog with the authorities could possibly lead to a non-violent transition. Within this line of thinking are distinguished figures such as José Daniel Ferrer, president of the Patriotic Union of Cuba, who believes that “dialog is possible, but from a position of strength within civil society.”

Others dismiss any attempt to deal with the regime, basing their posture on the fact that it was not chosen by a vote of the people in free and direct elections. They see the Communist Party as a kidnapper of hostages with whom there should be no negotiations under any circumstances. To negotiate or to overthrow seem to be the two poles around which current opposition forces are defined.

The United States embargo also constitutes a parting of the ways that defines postures and platforms. Within the Island, many dissidents argue that economic restrictions must be maintained to strangle the government. They believe that allowing fluid trade with the United States or allowing Americans to travel to Cuba would be a source of fresh air that would strengthen the General-President. José Luis García (known as Antúnez), an opposition leader from the center of the Island is one of the main champions of this position.

The great challenge of the people

The Cuban dissidence is denied any opportunity to access the mass media. This significantly limits its ability to broadcast its proposals and political programs. Instead of allowing them even one minute in front of the microphone, Raúl Castro’s government uses television and the official press to accuse them of being “mercenaries in the pay of the Empire,” or “tiny groups of no importance.”

Human rights activist Elizardo Sánchez, opposition leader Martha Beatriz Roque, Catholic layperson Dagoberto Valdés, and the Ladies in White group have all been frequent targets of these media stonings. From different perspectives, these social actors could be key in the years to come, along with several socio-cultural projects such as Estado de Sats, directed by Antonio Rodiles, which even attracts people involved in State institutions. To support these activities with a constant dissemination of information becomes vital, hence the importance of independent journalists and alternative bloggers.

In the current scenario, Oswaldo Payá’s death raises the question of the future of the Christian Liberation Movement, which has many members throughout the Island. That this political force manages to survive the death of its founder will demonstrate the maturity of the entire Cuban opposition.

On the other hand, Raúl Castro has co-opted some of the points that made up the agenda of his political opponents. The aperture for small private businesses, the ability to buy and sell houses and cars, and the leasing of vacant land in usufruct, are all part of the measures implemented by the government in the last four years. Such a scenario obliges the opposition groups to chart new horizons and to redefine their proposals.

30 July 2012

Message from the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance Front on the Death of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

ImagenExecutives and members of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance Front, raise their voices to condemn the cowardly assassination of prominent opposition leaders Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, founder of the Varela Projects and founding president of the Christian Liberation Movement. This Coalition of Coalitions shares in the grief of this Christian family, at a time when we find ourselves besieged by mobs of political police in Batey Grúa Nueva in the province of Ciego de Ávila.

The Front, a promoter of civil disobedience in Cuba, promoter of protests across the country, just today, the eve of Resistance Day, condemned the death in suspicious circumstances of this dear brother of ours and in honor of his memory and his history of struggle we are committed to continue faithful along this road.

The Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance Front demands that the Castro regime allow a delegation of international experts to conduct a competent and impartial investigation of this terrible and lamentable event, and the Front opposes the Cuban government being given the opportunity to undertake investigations, because it is inconceivable to give them this opportunity or to ask the perpetrators of the crime to undertake the investigation and to show the traces and proofs of the crime they themselves committed.

It would legitimize the dictatorship, it would present the assassination of Oswaldo Payá Sardis as a coincidence, an accident, more the responsibility of those who crashed their truck into the car in which our brothers Harold Cepero and Payá were traveling, than those who ordered them to do it. And we hold two people primarily responsible, the Castro regime in the persons of the brothers Fidel and Raúl Castro, uniquely and the maximally responsible for the murders of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Wilman Villar Mendoza, Laura Inés Pollán Toledo, Juan Wilfredo Soto García, and now this terrible blow against one of the most charismatic, important and serious leaders of the Cuban opposition.

Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, the Front sends its condolences to your family and may God give you peace.

From Grúa Nueva, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez, Secretary General of the Front, who will not shut up and who will not leave Cuba, now with more reasons than ever, now for you, Oswaldo, we will continue the struggle.

We Are All Resistance, We Are All Payá.

July 23 2012

On the First Anniversary of the Declaration of Vilnius / Antunez – Jorge Luis García Pérez

June 29, 2012.

This June 30 marked exactly one year since an event that occurred in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, something that had no precedent in more than 50 years of struggle of the Cuban people for their freedom. It was then that a unanimous resolution was passed recognizing the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front of Civic Resistence and Civil Disobedience as a legitimate representative of the Cuban resistence. For the first time in a constitutive body of the United Nations, it was clear that it’s the people and not the oppressors who are the only principal factor in change.

Today, one year since this transcendental event, our coalition of coalitions feels more committed in its struggle for freedom and is redoubling its efforts for the National Strike as one of our strategies to achieve change.

Thank you for so much solidarity!

Coordinators in the West:
Eriberto Liranza Romero
José Díaz Silva

Provincial Delegate in Matanzas:
Leticia Ramos Herrería

Provincial Delegate in Cienfuegos:
Ricardo Pupo Sierra

Coordinator in the center of the country:
Idania Yánez Contreras

Delegate in Ciego de Ávila:
Julio Columbie Batista

Delegate in Camaguey:
Santos Fernández Sánchez

Coordinators in the East:
Delmides Fidalgo López
Misael Valdés García

National legal advisor:
Raúl Risco Pérez

Executive Director:
Yoan David González Milanes

National Coordinator:
Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina

Secretary General:
Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”

Translated by Regina Anavy

June 29 2012

The Testimony of Antunez / Lilianne Ruíz

Everything I am capable of writing, again makes me sound so naive until I translate this fury I hold onto. And this is what we can say is the real horror of the Cuban Revolution, outside the political prison, the sin of naivete. What happens when, in a society, it becomes widespread conduct to ignore responsibility, to convert the individual conscience into a collective conscience dictated by the figure of a leader with no fear of God and without respect for men.

This is the Revolution and the degrees of villainy increase from the most public spaces to the most “exclusive” which are the Cuban prisons. Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” has a book titled “Boitel Lives.” It is a testimony of his lengthy political imprisonment, of the beatings, the real hell of the Cuban prisons closed to the rapporteurs of the International Human Rights Commission, the Red Cross, and Amnesty International.

It is so easy to offer a moral discourse, as he has done all these years of the Cuban Revolution. It is so irresponsible that much of the world wants to confuse his protests against the wars of the Pentagon with support for this Revolution, which has imprisoned so many men and women… for the crime of persevering in their existential freedom, of conscience, and their responsibility for themselves and for others.

Cuba is not a good place to live. It’s terrifying in the sense of the insecurity of the individual faced with the ruthless machinery of the State that does not truly represent us and condemns us if we don’t serve the interests of keeping power in the hands of the worst plague in the history of Cuba. I can only commend myself to God, but I will not shut up. The darker this evil that plagues Cubans the more hope I have in Christ, the Son of God, Savior, who knows suffering and will always create a path of salvation for us.

May 16 2012

Open Letter to The Cuban Dictator Raul Castro / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

Mr. Dictator Raul Castro

From Placetas, in the center of Cuba, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez and his wife Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera are writing to you, a married couple openly opposed to your tyrant and totalitarian regime. On this occasion we want to send you a responsible summons motivated by the cruel, unfair, arbitrary blockade to which we and our homes are subjected by your cowardly repressive forces every day and night for the last months, with the clear purpose to hinder and impede our movements.

Mr. Dictator, general without battles with the only achievement of being able to sustain the Castro regime after your brother, based on murders like those of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Juan Wilfredo Soto García, Laura Inés Pollan Toledo, Wilman Villar Mendoza; and to launch a daily cruelty against your own people, also know the writers herein are neither afraid nor will permit your aggressive and demoralizing repressive political organizations to keep us in an arbitrary and constant house arrest, by means of which we are not only arrested when we go to opposition activities, but also our daily life is hindered like visiting a friend, attending a funeral and the worst is when we want to go to a hospital to receive medical assistance due to our aggravated sufferings due to the physical deterioration and attrition of so much repression.

Mr. Dictator to you, promoter of so many crimes, executions, off-the-record murders, evictions of unprotected families, firings of our workers, we are not scared and we summon you in public to bring to an end to this rude and arbitrary violation of our rights, of freedom of movement within our own country, and have the courage to order your servants and compliant courts and military figureheads to take us to prison, because we assure you, Mr. Dictator, that from now on you will have to arrest us almost every single day because our home is not a prison and we have much more courage and principles than those hungry colleagues of yours located day by day on the corners of our home to stop our steps.

Mr. Tyrant in chief, responsible for the murder of our Brothers to Rescue (Hermanos al Rescate), of more than twenty unprotected children and women maliciously sunk in that ship 13 of March (Embarcacion 13 de Marzo), to You tyrant whose crimes are only compared to those of the Germany of the Nazis or the Russia of Stalin, we summon you to know that here in this city of Placetas, there is a black couple in the opposition with a lot more self-respect and strength than those subordinates of yours who uselessly by means of beatings, arrests, cells of confinement and all kinds of attacks, think you will make us desist from our purpose. We will not renounce our Motherland if that is what you are looking for with such unmeasurable persecution, harassment and constant acts of imprisonment.

Raul Castro we understand you and your frightening repressive teams before the terror and concern caused by a group of women called Movimiento Femenino Rosa Parks (Rosa Parks Women’s Movement), who had the courage last 1st of March to go to the municipal headquarters of the dishonorable and parasitic ruling party that you represent, to claim in a loud voice, freedom and justice for their people. I can imagine how a regime must be feeling in order to send its elite troops to repress these peaceful and unprotected women who, different from your troops, have the courage to go out to the streets to protest.

Raul Castro I understand what it means and represents to your government to have on the streets a man who after 17 years of uninterrupted political prison has not submitted and despite his many possibilities to leave, has decided to stay in Cuba struggling against the tyranny you represent. Mr. Dictator I understand that neither you not your ghastly and unburied brother who represents hatred, violence, opposition and depravity itself, you don’t know what consequence means and never believe in the appearance of the National Front of Civic Resistance Orlando Zapata Tamayo (Frente Nacional de Resistencia Cívica Orlando Zapata Tamayo), guided by young men and women, simple and mainly all born under your so badly called Revolution, to whom your instruction did not succeed, and that this Front grows and multiplies along the country with demonstrations and actions never thought before which have stimulated the struggle there in that scenery that hurts you so much, the streets. You can not accuse us of being Batistianos, bourgeois, yet we have not known another society than this one, neither of mercenaries, nor paid because of the way and conditions in which we proudly live, and which ruins your stupid campaign that attempts to show the contrary.

Raul Castro, your repressive teams never imagined that slogans like “We are all resistance” or “The streets belong to the people” would make the tyranny kneel, and that the effort to divide the domestic and exile resistance would fail. The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, worthless dictator, knows it is one of your biggest and worst nightmares and that the Cuban people in this island, far away from your tendentious round tables or programs of official instruction, they look for the truth in Radio Marti and Radio Republica. That’s the reason why you so much attack them.

That’s why I am here, worthless dictator, to summon you to stop the prohibition on my wife Yris and me being able to walk freely in our own country, or find the courage to arrest us, yet with pleasure I would return to the group of political prisoners. My political and patriotic personal experience that is most important and where I was never dissuaded, and another thing assassin dictator I think you can not do, because I reassure once again that he who writes, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez, I WON’T SHUT UP, I’M NOT LEAVING.

Translated by AnonyGY (Edited by site manager)

April 12 2012

Declaration of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front of Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

Compatriots, brothers, sisters, all Cubans, executive directors and members of this coalition of coalitions appalled by the cowardly assassination of political prisoner Wilman Villar Mendoza, who died on Thursday afternoon as a result of torture and mistreatment during a long agony on hunger strike during which he demanded fair and transparent criminal proceedings, which would provide all the procedural guarantees for his defense, we want to share with all our countrymen out of Cuba this declaration.

First Orlando Zapata Tamayo, then Wilfredo Soto García, and later Laura Pollan and Wilman Villar Mendoza, are murdered by the Castro-Communist tyranny, all in just a few months. The latter was a cunning display of impunity and cruelty, another innocent life is lost and another family suffers.

How long will we allow them to continue killing such worthy Cubans? Why is the international press accredited in Havana silent in the face of this new crime and silent and indifferent to the heartrending cries of his wife and the desperate pain of his orphaned little girls? Why so much fallacy and complacency? Why are there so few strong statements from the democratic governments of the world and international organizations?

We do not see anywhere international sanctions to condemn and stop this crime wave. What do Pope Benedict XVI and those who organizing and preparing his famous visit to the Island say? Where is the Vatican’s reaction before the murder of this young 31-year-old Christian and defender of human rights?

This new and cruel murder shows that evil and death are not isolated events in Cuba, but are part of a strategy of annihilation and terror by a sinister machinery of terror and extermination called Castro-Communism that can continue killing if we do not take urgent and concrete steps to stop it.

Compatriots in the crime of Wilman is the answer to those who opt for the approach to and compromise with Castro, those who believe the Vatican visit will contribute to the freedom of Cuba. How long will you continue to allow opportunistic lacks of faith and promoters of discouragement and continue to contribute to crimes like these, oxygenating a tyranny that kills and does not pay?

Wilman’s murder shook the entire Cuban nation. His executioners should have no illusions, hundreds, thousands and thousands of Wilmans, as happened with Boitel and Zapata, will continue rising up until Cuba is free and we will do in spite of those who divide inside and outside, of those politicians and mobsters who persist in depriving the resistance of its resources and attack those who support those who resist and fight in Cuba.

Given the current situation and the seriousness of police violence against the peaceful opposition Cuba, we believe that the moment demands a tough position against the Castro tyranny, lest our brothers continue to fall. Our Front says to you, brother Wilman, they killed you physically, but morally you is more alive than ever, because like Zapata and Boitel you overcame those jailers who thought to make you surrender and your resistance forms part of the path and we will follow your example of calling things by their name, and those outdated and deluded people who chose to approach, be flexible, and compromise are precisely those who killed you.

The international community must be very alert because we do not know what will happen in Cuba in the coming hours. The hordes of the tyranny are terrified because they know the crime they committed. At present important civil society leaders have been arrested and others are besieged within their homes. What do they fear? The awakening of the people who said enough is enough with crime and impunity. The regime knows what it did and just like in the Arab world the Cuban spring is at their doors and Wilman’s death brings us closer to that time.

These are Raul’s reforms, these are the openings, these are the opportunities totalitarianism provides us. So they kill the best sons of the people, those who try to buy us with bigger remittances and leisure travel. That is the answer to those who believe that Cubans are just pigs for fattening with materialistic things and not people with rights, No! Know that Cubans on the island need is freedom and democracy and that we condemn out oppressors and will not continue to give them oxygen to commit crimes as horrific as that committed against Wilman. Marti said freedom is very expensive and we must be resigned to living without it or pay its price and its price was paid by our brother Wilman.

The Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front of Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience and the signatories of this document say, Fidel and Raul Castro, the Civic Resistance Front loudly calls you MURDERERS and assures you that your crime will not go unpunished, you will pay for it.


Raúl Luis Risco Pérez, a political adviser

Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo, National Spokesperson

Eriberto Liranza Romero, coordinator in the west

Idania Yanes Contreras, coordinator in the center

Julio Columbie Batista, regional coordinator in Ciego de Avila, Camaguey.

Delmides Fidalgo Lopez, coordinator of the east

José Díaz Silva, political advisor and director of the independent libraries project of the Front.

Ricardo Pupo Sierra, Cristian Toranzo Fundichely and Yoan David González Milanés Front leaders.

Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, national coordinator

Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez, general secretary of the Front.

January 21 2012

What Nonsense! / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

Reforms by Raul Castro: self-employment, immigration reform, with abolition of the so-called “white card or exit permit. Every time I listen to some analysts and wise guy lecture on that topic, I think they have lost their sense of reality of what a Communist style totalitarian dictatorship is.

To exercise the legitimate and sacred right to travel freely, in other words to leave and return freely from one’s own country is a right. If the regime in Havana allows citizens to freely leave and return, it immediately stops having at its disposal one of the most important tools of repression. If they eliminate the travel permit — the “white card” — the political police lose a sophisticated weapon of political pressure and blackmail.

If Cubans were allowed to leave and enter freely it would cost the regime their campaign of demonising capitalist society.

Sometimes I think some have truly believed in those economic and social manoevres implemented by Raulato (Raul Castro) to buy time and divert attention from true reforms. It bothers me that our compatriots, inside and out, with sufficient information and experience with Castro, believe that the beginning of a real liberalisation programme can wait for a meeting or a party congress.

I do not understand how they expect a general, stained with the blood of thousands and thousands of Cubans, who encourages sinister mobs and is the instigator of so much crime, to cause what amounts to the collapse of the one thing in what he is most interested: total power.

And if so, it is good to know that we are thousands and thousands of Cubans who for reasons of principle, common sense, and above all in honour and respect for our martyrs, do not want changes with the Castros, nor do we accept mediated solutions that would mean continuity, succession and exemption of blame for those criminals. For reconciliation without justice first, is as unacceptable as it is ignominious.

Translated by: Hank Hardisty

February 13 2012

Communicated from the Front in solidarity with the prisoners in Palma Soriano / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

The National Orlando Zapata TamayoFront of Civil Resistance and Disobedience condemns the brutal and arbitrary arrests of those who inrecent days have beenvictimized includingtwo of the most important leaders of the internal Cuban Resistance. I refer to former political prisoners Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia and Angel Moya Acosta as they were getting ready to join the historic National Boitel and Zapata AreAliveMarch. Our coalition of coalitions is supported by these and other brothers who have been arrested in identical circumstances.

This front, which like the arrested promotes civil disobedience as a strategy of struggle, demands freedom for Moya Acosta and Ferrer Garcia and holds the bodies of political repression responsible for what might happen.

Brothers Angel Moya Acosta and Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia you are not alone, the Orlando Zapata National Front of Civic Resistance helps and supports with you.


Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo, city of Havana, National Spokesperson

Raúl Luis Risco Pérez, adviser to the Front, Pinar del Rio

Eriberto Liranza Romero, coordinator in the West

José Díaz Silva, adviser and director of the Independent Libraries Project Front

Idania Yanez Contreras, coordinator in the central region

Ricardo Pupo Sierra, coordinator in Cienfuegos

Pastor Alexei Puerto Gómez, coordinator at Sancti Spiritu

Julio Columbié Batista, coordinator in Ciego de Avila

Santos Fernandez Sanchez, one of the coordinators in Camagey

Yoan David Gonzalez Milanes, director of the Front in Camagey

Caridad Caballero Batista, director of the Front in Holguin

Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, national coordinator, Guantanamo

Yoandri Montoya Avilés, director of the Front in Granma

Marino Antonomarchit Rivero and Reinaldo Rodríguez Martínez managers and coordinators Front in the province of Santiago de Cuba

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, general secretary of the Front.

Translated by: Hank

December 6 2011