Open Letter to The Cuban Dictator Raul Castro / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

Mr. Dictator Raul Castro

From Placetas, in the center of Cuba, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez and his wife Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera are writing to you, a married couple openly opposed to your tyrant and totalitarian regime. On this occasion we want to send you a responsible summons motivated by the cruel, unfair, arbitrary blockade to which we and our homes are subjected by your cowardly repressive forces every day and night for the last months, with the clear purpose to hinder and impede our movements.

Mr. Dictator, general without battles with the only achievement of being able to sustain the Castro regime after your brother, based on murders like those of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Juan Wilfredo Soto García, Laura Inés Pollan Toledo, Wilman Villar Mendoza; and to launch a daily cruelty against your own people, also know the writers herein are neither afraid nor will permit your aggressive and demoralizing repressive political organizations to keep us in an arbitrary and constant house arrest, by means of which we are not only arrested when we go to opposition activities, but also our daily life is hindered like visiting a friend, attending a funeral and the worst is when we want to go to a hospital to receive medical assistance due to our aggravated sufferings due to the physical deterioration and attrition of so much repression.

Mr. Dictator to you, promoter of so many crimes, executions, off-the-record murders, evictions of unprotected families, firings of our workers, we are not scared and we summon you in public to bring to an end to this rude and arbitrary violation of our rights, of freedom of movement within our own country, and have the courage to order your servants and compliant courts and military figureheads to take us to prison, because we assure you, Mr. Dictator, that from now on you will have to arrest us almost every single day because our home is not a prison and we have much more courage and principles than those hungry colleagues of yours located day by day on the corners of our home to stop our steps.

Mr. Tyrant in chief, responsible for the murder of our Brothers to Rescue (Hermanos al Rescate), of more than twenty unprotected children and women maliciously sunk in that ship 13 of March (Embarcacion 13 de Marzo), to You tyrant whose crimes are only compared to those of the Germany of the Nazis or the Russia of Stalin, we summon you to know that here in this city of Placetas, there is a black couple in the opposition with a lot more self-respect and strength than those subordinates of yours who uselessly by means of beatings, arrests, cells of confinement and all kinds of attacks, think you will make us desist from our purpose. We will not renounce our Motherland if that is what you are looking for with such unmeasurable persecution, harassment and constant acts of imprisonment.

Raul Castro we understand you and your frightening repressive teams before the terror and concern caused by a group of women called Movimiento Femenino Rosa Parks (Rosa Parks Women’s Movement), who had the courage last 1st of March to go to the municipal headquarters of the dishonorable and parasitic ruling party that you represent, to claim in a loud voice, freedom and justice for their people. I can imagine how a regime must be feeling in order to send its elite troops to repress these peaceful and unprotected women who, different from your troops, have the courage to go out to the streets to protest.

Raul Castro I understand what it means and represents to your government to have on the streets a man who after 17 years of uninterrupted political prison has not submitted and despite his many possibilities to leave, has decided to stay in Cuba struggling against the tyranny you represent. Mr. Dictator I understand that neither you not your ghastly and unburied brother who represents hatred, violence, opposition and depravity itself, you don’t know what consequence means and never believe in the appearance of the National Front of Civic Resistance Orlando Zapata Tamayo (Frente Nacional de Resistencia Cívica Orlando Zapata Tamayo), guided by young men and women, simple and mainly all born under your so badly called Revolution, to whom your instruction did not succeed, and that this Front grows and multiplies along the country with demonstrations and actions never thought before which have stimulated the struggle there in that scenery that hurts you so much, the streets. You can not accuse us of being Batistianos, bourgeois, yet we have not known another society than this one, neither of mercenaries, nor paid because of the way and conditions in which we proudly live, and which ruins your stupid campaign that attempts to show the contrary.

Raul Castro, your repressive teams never imagined that slogans like “We are all resistance” or “The streets belong to the people” would make the tyranny kneel, and that the effort to divide the domestic and exile resistance would fail. The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, worthless dictator, knows it is one of your biggest and worst nightmares and that the Cuban people in this island, far away from your tendentious round tables or programs of official instruction, they look for the truth in Radio Marti and Radio Republica. That’s the reason why you so much attack them.

That’s why I am here, worthless dictator, to summon you to stop the prohibition on my wife Yris and me being able to walk freely in our own country, or find the courage to arrest us, yet with pleasure I would return to the group of political prisoners. My political and patriotic personal experience that is most important and where I was never dissuaded, and another thing assassin dictator I think you can not do, because I reassure once again that he who writes, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez, I WON’T SHUT UP, I’M NOT LEAVING.

Translated by AnonyGY (Edited by site manager)

April 12 2012