14ymedio Faces of 2018: Chocolate, The Most Heard and the Most Hated

Chocolate,  Cuban reguetonero.

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 30 December 2018 — The songs of Yosvanis Sierra Hernández, better known as Chocolate MC, leave no one indifferent: either they hate him or they adore him. Among the Cuban people, the author of songs like Guachineo and Palón Divino has been this year’s most listened to performer, whether at family parties or playing in the shared taxis or urban buses as they travel the streets.

Born in the neighborhood of Los Sitios, in Centro Habana, from the age of 13 he had to “put his body in the street,” as he said in an interview, to support his mother and sister. Also known as the king of the barrio, the singer of the urban genre has managed to climb to number one in alternative music despite not being broadcast on national radio or television.

One of Chocolate’s most recent songs of is called Bajanda and has become a hymn among the youngest Cubans. The lyrics speak of cats, rats, mice and, with its catchy rhythm, it has sneaked into the slang of the street.

His latest song, released on November 30, is called El Corral and, like most of his releases, was produced through an audio with a fixed image on his YouTube channel.

In the transcript of a meeting of a group of artists with authorities of the Ministry of Culture in which they expressed their rejection of Decree 349, the name of Chocolate appeared 16 times as an example of a very successful singer despite not having a musical company to support him.

His figure has also been touched with scandals. In 2017, in Miami, he spent several days in prison after an indictment by his partner for domestic violence and was released on bail after paying bond of 170,000 dollars.

He took up residence in Miami last year and has offered several concerts in the United States. Since then he has not returned to the Island.

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