Violent Incidents with Cuban Migrants Increase in Mexico

This Wednesday 145 Cubans traveling in two buses were arrested by Migration. (INM)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 13 October 2022 — The Cuban Marylín Almaguer Hidalgo was injured by the police in Córdoba, Veracruz, this Wednesday, when the coyote who was transporting her along with 25 other Cuban nationals tried to flee from the agents.

They arrested the migrants after the driver lost control of the van in which they were travelling and hit four parked vehicles.

According to local media, the driver was pursued by National Guard soldiers after he passed through a toll booth located in the Cuitláhuac area. The PMC-12 patrol joined the soldiers for support, and a policeman shot several times at the van.

A bullet hit Almaguer Hidalgo, 37, in the left buttocks, and she was hospitalized at the General Hospital of Córdoba, where she was reported out of danger.

The rest of the Cubans were handed over to Migration, which  transferred them to the Acayucan migration station, where 50 Cubans refused to be taken this Wednesday for fear of being deported.

Also on Wednesday, 14 other Cubans were arrested in the common land of Tampaya (San Luis Potosí). There, while the agents of the State Civil Guard were on a routine tour, they detected several vans with polarized glass and armed civilians. They shot at the officers, who repelled the aggression.

One of the vans served as a shield so that the rest of the convoy could escape. From the van metal spikes were thrown to stop the police vehicles. A little later, the coyotes abandoned 14 Cubans, two women and 12 men, who tried unsuccessfully to evade the military by hiding in the undergrowth.

Criminal groups linked to the Gulf Cartel transport Cubans in vans with polarized glass. (State Civil Guard)

The military seized, in addition to the truck, two firearms, three magazines, 19 cartridges, 39 bags of drugs and 24 explosives. The Cubans were handed over to Migration to determine their situation.

Similarly, on the same day, Migration reported the detention of 165 migrants, including 145 Cubans, in the town of San Francisco Kobén Campeche, who were traveling on board two buses.

Asked about all these arrests, a ministerial agent who identifies himself as Guillermo told 14ymedio that, in their attempt to reach the United States, Cubans are increasingly turning to coyotes and groups linked to organized crime to transit through Mexico.

“These criminals are taking the central and Gulf routes for transfers in vans,” says the agent, who adds: “What happened in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí is linked to criminal cells that work for the Gulf Cartel; they are in charge of transporting the illegals and bringing them closer to Matamoros, Reynosa or Nuevo Laredo to cross the Río Bravo.

Each Cuban is charged between 4,000 and 6,800 dollars for the transfer, “depending on the passage through the river and the means of transport, which goes from one van to several vehicles,” says Guillermo. “We have found that they are charged for alleged temporary permits, protections and even legal advice, but everything is false.”

Translated by Regina Anavy


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