Variations on an Old Theme / Regina Coyula

Metropolitan Bank of Infanta

(With the complicity of Efraín)

Ten in the morning, an office of Metropolitan Bank on 42nd Street. Cecilia de Villaverde in very short shorts, white shirt and ballet flats, with a perfect toss of her glossy black hair, asks who is the last in the queue. Ten and ten in the queue that has not moved and a foreigner of buoyant appearance, with a face looking like he’s seen an apparition approaches a revived Cecilia. Ten and twenty, the queue has not moved and ten minutes of conversation of the dazed foreigner with Cecilia Apparition of the Morning, and the foreigner abandons the line and takes our Cecilia to his leased Audi.

Ten the following morning, an agency of Metropolitan Bank on 42nd Street. Our Cecilia of Yesterday, this time wearing a miniskirt and sandals tied to the ankle passes by in front of the bank branch. She returns just to ask who is last with a perfect toss of her glossy black hair to a foreign newcomer in an SUV. The foreigner in shock, but a little shy, so Cecilia-She-Of-The-Perfect-Teeth, smiles and comments casually how hot it is. Fifteen minutes later, the foreigner in shock and Cecilia agrees that it’s better on the beach than in that unmoving line.

“There’s no one like that girl to make a line!” comments the peanut vendor to no one in particular.

Translated by Ariana

May 6 2011