There Will Always be a Plan B / Rebeca Monzo

A little over two years, I decided to write and express my opinions freely, I opened a weblog (blog), knowing, as I have stated on previous occasions, that this could bring me many difficulties. Then as now I accept it.

I had the alternative of doing it anonymously, or openly with my photo, my name and my two surnames. I decided on the latter option, because it seemed to me the more civic. This does not mean I’m criticizing in any way those who have taken the step under a pseudonym. It is well-known that there is a single employer in my country, and people who have opted for the latter see the need to do so, because their work is their only support. I, fortunately, am involved in the art world, and this has been my way of life for many years.

Everything moved forward with apparent tranquility, and so far no one had interfered in my life. As is public knowledge, the inhabitants of my planet don’t have Internet and we have to avail ourselves of subterfuge, and especially very good friends, to be able to put our posts on the net.

Everything was in apparent tranquility, and so far no one had interfered in my life. As is public knowledge, the people of my planet we do not have Internet and we have to avail ourselves of subterfuge and above all very good friends, in order to place our posts on the net.

On the site where usually sent them everything seemed normal, but when I checked my blog, I noted with regret that what I thought was published was not. At first glance I thought it might be a technical failure on my part, since I am no expert in these matters, but on starting to investigate I came to some conclusions, and realized that I hadn’t made any errors, but simply someone had been given the task of interfering in my publications.

I feel truly sorry for the people who lend themselves to this. History is passing them by and they’re not paying attention. What explanation can they some day give their children, for having been paid to undertake such petty things? They are wasting the opportunity to stand up as citizens and assume a civic posture, which would require, for them and for others, the inevitable right to speak up and express themselves freely, as befits any human being who respects himself.

Don’t worry, however much they try to harass and silence our voices, there is always a plan B, that we can undertake so that they can not be silenced.

I repeat my thanks to all those friends, from whatever part of the world, who don’t just read up but who also help us so that our opinions continue to emerge into the public light.

March 15 2012