The Actions of Children / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

At the meeting in Venezuela, attended by the countries belonging to the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), President of Ecuador Rafael Correa said that the members of this body should boycott the Summit of Cartagena if Cuba is not invited.

The Summit had been declared in 2001 in Quebec, Canada that these meetings were open only for democratic countries, according William A. Ostick, State Department spokesman.

The Sixth Summit of the Americas scheduled for 14-15 April in Cartagena, Colombia, has become a blackmail of children, where Raul Castro says that Cuba never asked to be invited to previous Summits of the Americas, but he supported Correa’s idea of. Pride was shining out of his eyeglasses but his irony was camouflaged by fine words with a sense of rejection of the proposal, but at heart he was the longing for his participation in the Summit. After all this time and the leaders of the island had the idea that Cuba would not participate, because they were never going to become democratic, nor would they impose universal laws.

The attacks should be directed to the U.S. and yet this administration yearns for Cuba’s participation in all international meetings, but with a democratic government.

This is just the beginning, Cuba through the leaders of Latin American and Caribbean countries is instilling and encouraging proposals for its benefit, without being part of the proposals but basically it is leading them. Its great influence is growing in the organizations of ALBA, and CELAC because as Raul Castro said, ideas and projects without money or economic power do not achieve their end, however good they are. We hope to have that happen.