Political Police Stake Out Estado de Sats and Arrest “Movie Night” Attendees

I am [being] arrested at Infanta and Manglar [in the] Cerro [neighborhood]

According to tweets not posted here, the apparent plan to stage a “repudiation rally” at Estado de Sats was called off after Antonio Rodiles, manager of the project, delivered a complaint to the police (see third post down). So “Movie Night” went off as scheduled although people were blocked from reaching the site, and some were arrested as they left.

Luis Felipe: Blogger Eugenio Leal by text message: “I am detained at Infanta and Manglar, Cerro.”
Yoani: Among detainees of today are Walfrido Lopez and Eugenio Leal, the latter is at 4th Police Station at Infanta and Manglar
Regina: Received text message from blogger Eugenio Leal, detained by PNR [National Revolutionary Police] at Infanta and Manglar.
Tweets copied and posted at 1:00 AM Havana time, 11 August 2012