Hunting in Placetas

Agents of State Security in Placetas

In the early morning hours they arrested Adriano Castaneda Meneses while aboard the Yuton bus on its way back from Sancti Spiritus. He was detained at the entrance of Placetas by a national political police unit. Officer Idel Gonzalez Morfi, aka “Railroad Spike”, did not notice Yordanis and only charged Adriano. When Yordanis got to his house, the dissidents Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, Jose Cano Fuentes, Isael Poveda Silva, and Idalmis Nuñez Reinoso were all there. I told Yordanis and the others that “they are going to arrest you for sure.” Since the night before last the chief of the political police has been prowling around my house, and the presence of these titans had them (the police) terrorized. The meeting called by Yris, along with the situation of Coco Fariñas, was more than enough to alarm them.

“He has the message of an arrest on the tip of his tongue,” I insisted to Lobaina, “although Blas would go with you all to the terminal to let me know what happens.” In fact, about ten minutes later my cell phone rang with the message of the arrest. Upon his return, Blas told us that they were waiting for them at the Marti house, they arrested them, and that Idalmis was beaten just for screaming slogans in favor of human rights. That all happened at around 11 AM, but at around 2 PM I got the same text message on my cell, this time from Yordanis’ phone. He said that he was arrested along with them. Rolando, Jose, and Isael were transferred to their Guantanamo province. The next morning Yordani called me to tell me that he had been released along with Adriano. Now, these dissidents from Camagüey, Virgilio Mantilla Arango and Belkis Barbara Portal Prado, are honoring me with their visit. They will most likely be arrested when it is time for them to return. All that can be said is that, as opposed to repression, the solidarity is increasing and becoming stronger.

Translated by Raul G.