Cuban Government Restores the Accreditations of three EFE Journalists

The recovery of the accreditations comes at a time of great journalistic interest on the Island. (EFE)

14ymedio bigger EFE (via 14ymedio), Havana, 22 February 2022 — On Monday, the Cuban authorities restored the accreditations — withdrawn last November — of three journalists from the EFE team on the island, a decisive step towards the normalization of the journalistic activity of the Spanish agency in the country.

The International Press Center (CPI) took this step after a meeting in Havana between its main officials and a delegation from the Spanish public media.

The Cuban authorities also assured that in the next few days the press visa of the new delegate of the EFE office in Havana, which had been requested in September, will be processed.

In addition, the Cuban authorities indicated that they will approve the credentials of the new editorial coordinator as soon as the agency provides him with the necessary documentation.

When these two press visas are delivered, EFE will recover the reporting capacity it had at the beginning of last year, with seven active journalists (delegate, three editors, two photographers and a cameraman).

On November 13, the Cuban authorities  withdrew the accreditations of five journalists from the agency and restored two the following day.

The recovery of the accreditations comes at a time of great journalistic interest on the Island, which is carrying out an unprecedented process of popular consultation of its Family Code, a legislative reform that includes, among other novelties, the recognition of same-sex marriage.

The country is also going through difficult times due to the economic crisis, aggravated by the tightening of US economic sanctions, the pandemic and the poor results of macroeconomic management.


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