Benedict XVI Christian or Communist / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

From the beginning of last week they have increased the police in the streets with the help of the students from the Ministry of the Interior (MINIT), young people dressed in a green with a dark blue jacket that says “Police” on the back.

The maintenance of the streets where Benedict XVI will pass is remarkable but to whom is the Pope going to speak? To the people, to the government, because no citizen with ideas different from those of the Castro brothers is going to be allowed to go to the Plaza.

The increase in detentions, the control and the persecutions are inevitable if we are passive, non-violent, what is there to be afraid of? There will be an increase in people who, every day, join our struggle and it will be an opportunity to put an end to the dictatorship because the Catholic Church has the power to manage this.

March 26 2012