An Outdated Model / Rebeca Monzo

Although the worn-out model hasn’t worked, not even for the country which recommended it, there are people who believe in the reincarnation of the liberators, and insist on implanting it, despite its failures, one after another, where they are copying it, they don’t react. Sure, there are those who took more than seventy years to realize it, others have taken more than half a century, but it seems that they don’t realize (unless it has slipped their minds), that they no longer know how to reverse such a great disaster.

This morning, listening to the shortwave, my blood froze, listening to the new measures taken, in great haste (before January) by the reincarnated one; when the new deputies are debuted it will be very difficult to act.

I thought, how is it possible, having examples so close, to insist on repeating what doesn’t work. But I was thinking of the ordinary people. These others think only of themselves; to perpetuate themselves in power at all costs. Then I realized that the famous outdated model worked very well for them. It doesn’t matter what industries fail, that negligence extends the length and breadth of the country, that violence reigns in the streets, that the press is muted by censorship. The only thing that matters to the reincarnated one is that his power endures.

October 13, 2010