A New Political Science? / Fernando Damaso

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In the latest edition of Workers, an official newspaper published each Monday, there appears an article about some so-called VII International Colloquium of Philosophy and XV International New Political Science Workshop, to be held these days in Havana.

More than the contents of the first, the second calls my attention where the concept of a new Political Science with southern focus will be presented which departs, according to its creators, from Marx but fundamentally is based on the thought of Lenin and Ho Chi Minh and the national heroes of Latin America. I do not know how this soup (a type of stew in which its components lose their flavors and identities, on diluting in a thick broth with undefined flavor and color) will taste, but I presume that it will be very difficult to digest.

It also announces the presence of more than a hundred participants from all regions of the world, principally from Latin America. It seems that the international retired left and foolish left do not give up, in spite of the many practical demonstrations of the failures of their political concepts, and they try to create other new demonstrations with the objective of keeping themselves on the world stage at all cost. It is striking that those who previously criticized these dilettantes, dubbing them theoretical and impractical, have become the same.

It is true that the so-called western Political Science is not perfect and, starting from its practical application, it constantly finds itself under renovation, but it is not in inventing a new Political Science that it will answer to its limitations. That absurd tendency to try to be the belly button of the world, besides ridicule only causes loss of time and effort. It would be more useful to take advantage of the existing Political Science, learn it and use it, and to abandon the divisive position between North and South, which solves absolutely nothing.

Translated by mlk

November 16 2012