The Truth Under the Bombs / Reinaldo Escobar

In recent days we have been bombarded with news of the Gaza Strip. Given our physical and cultural distance from these matters it is very difficult to have an independent opinion when all we hear, through the official media, is biased information that dismisses Israel and victimizes the Palestinians, or rather Hamas.

We all wonder how it is that the rockets that the commentator Cristina Escobar (no relation of mine) calls “artisanal” — which are falling on Israel — are so sophisticated that they only kill soldiers and never reach the elderly, women and children, and how the Israeli artillery can be so ineffective and so cruel that it never manages to hit military targets but only kills defenseless civilians.

Yesterday the editors of the news images missed the screen-crawl of a foreign news agency, which scrolls across the bottom of the screen while the images flash. The screen-crawl claimed that Tehran supplied the technology for the Palestinian rockets. Suddenly the entire official truth with its undeniable claims of “real truth” was called into question.

I don’t know who to blame for that conflict. I just know that innocents die.

23 November 2012