Moringa, Fidel Castro’s Last Obsession, Is Being Processed in Sancti Spiritus

14ymedio, Havana, 28 May 2023 – – Fidel Castro’s “dream” of mass consumption of moringa, a tree from India with medicinal properties overrated by the Cuban leader, has still not died. The latest invention is the inauguration this Saturday of the first moringa powder processing plant in La Sierpe, Sancti Spíritus. Located in the Agroindustrial … Continue reading “Moringa, Fidel Castro’s Last Obsession, Is Being Processed in Sancti Spiritus”

Marrero, Fidel Castro and Nazareno: The Return of Moringa

14ymedio, Elias Amor Bravo, Economist, August 14, 2021 — More than a hundred references to “Fidel” swamp the official communist press on a day like today, his birthday. This blog will not be offering any remembrances or testimonials to the work of this communist dictator but, among the jumble of information we have found, one article … Continue reading “Marrero, Fidel Castro and Nazareno: The Return of Moringa”

Moringa Attacks Again

14ymedio, Elías Amor Bravo, Economist, 29 May 2023 — We all remember that back in 2012, Fidel Castro, already retired from the political front line, began to publish a series of articles in the state press to explain, with quasi-scientific details, the properties of moringa and mulberry. Those explanations drew attention, because after a long … Continue reading “Moringa Attacks Again”

In the Absence of Pork, a Ration of Mortadela with Moringa for Cubans at Christmas

14ymedio, Juan Diego Rodríguez, Havana, 26 December 2021 — Before the popular protests of July 11, the fish market on Calle San Lázaro in Centro Habana had had hardly any supplies for months. After the social explosion, the state trade was supplied with lobster, minced meat and snapper, but that is now a thing of the … Continue reading “In the Absence of Pork, a Ration of Mortadela with Moringa for Cubans at Christmas”

Even Moringa is Scarce in Cuba

14ymedio, Natalaia López Moya, Havana, 16 October 2021– The cultivation and consumption of moringa, one of the last projects promoted by Fidel Castro, would seem like a distant story for many Cubans, if it were not for some products that are still marketed in Cuban pharmacies. Pills, tea and puffed rice cakes made with the leaves of … Continue reading “Even Moringa is Scarce in Cuba”

Questions After Burying Fidel Castro / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner

14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Miami, 3 December 2016 — Almost no one knows how his final hours passed. Did he die suddenly of a cardiac arrest, did he agonize for several days, or did he suffocate because a throat obstruction, as rumors circulate sotto voce in Havana ? Why the hurry to cremate him? Was it … Continue reading “Questions After Burying Fidel Castro / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner”

Fidel Castro Dies / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana 26 November 2016 — Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, his brother, President Raul Castro said today in a speech on Cuban state television. “With profound pain I appear to inform our people, the friends of our America and of the world, that today, 25 November 2016, at … Continue reading “Fidel Castro Dies / 14ymedio”

Fidel Castro, the Starring Actor / Ivan Garcia

When Norge, a nightclub manager, heard from a friend who has internet at home about the international media frenzy regarding the alleged death of the bearded Fidel Castro, the news caused him mixed feelings. “For the world, the great headline could be Fidel’s death. But for Cubans, the day after his death will add an … Continue reading “Fidel Castro, the Starring Actor / Ivan Garcia”

Learning to live without Fidel Castro / 14ymedio, Rosa Lopez

14ymedio, Rosa Lopez, Havana, 8 January 2015 — A poster with Fidel Castro’s face is pasted on the glass of the deteriorated locale. Years ago, some naughty boy painted the whites of his eyes dark and the effect is intimidating, but almost nobody sees it. The man who wanted to be indispensable and omnipresent for … Continue reading “Learning to live without Fidel Castro / 14ymedio, Rosa Lopez”

From Cyberspace to Moringa / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar

The signing of 29 documents between the government of Cuba and various official and business interests from the People’s Republic of China on the occasion of Xi Jinping’s visit to the island has awakened great expectations among Cubans. One of the most striking things was the television news broadcast of the signing ceremony for the … Continue reading “From Cyberspace to Moringa / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar”

Rebellion Against the Moringa / Tania Diaz Castro

HAVANA, Cuba – Not that my neighbors would agree. It was purely coincidence. While the workers on the state payroll marched in the Plaza of the Revolution, my closest neighbors ran out of patience; they rebelled and demanded that I cut down my moringa tree. It had been planted in November 2011, less than three … Continue reading “Rebellion Against the Moringa / Tania Diaz Castro”

The Day After Fidel Castro / Ivan Garcia

Never has the life or death of one man awakened such dissimilar expectations. Fidel Castro, who turns 87 on August 13, has been given up for dead so many times that when death does come for him, many will believe it’s a joke. Castro, aware of the countless times he has cheated death, has woven a … Continue reading “The Day After Fidel Castro / Ivan Garcia”

A Little More Moringa / Regina Coyula

Moringa has become a “trending topic.” But aside from all the thoughtful analysis Fidel’s reflective mention has merited, I note with the moringa that our ex-president still has the clout to order the sowing of this miraculous plant and to override, in a new Special Plan, the normal work of specialists in cultivation techniques, plant … Continue reading “A Little More Moringa / Regina Coyula”

Fidel Castro Infected With the Brevity of Twitter / Yoani Sánchez

Fidel Castro’s latest “Reflections” columns, published in the Cuban press, have left many readers inside and outside the Island in a mild state of shock. Without exceeding a hundred words, the ex-president’s most recent texts seem to be infected with the brief style of the Twitter social network. An undoubtedly great contrast, if we compare … Continue reading “Fidel Castro Infected With the Brevity of Twitter / Yoani Sánchez”