A Little More Moringa / Regina Coyula

Moringa has become a “trending topic.” But aside from all the thoughtful analysis Fidel’s reflective mention has merited, I note with the moringa that our ex-president still has the clout to order the sowing of this miraculous plant and to override, in a new Special Plan, the normal work of specialists in cultivation techniques, plant health and agricultural limits, according to his own liking.

Even a specialist who pleaded that she had to attend to her sick mother, now has three nurses around the clock caring for her, while she herself spends her time keeping the plantings of Moringa Oleífera free of pests and other things.

Everything is set up on a mini-scale of what I suppose in another time would have been a national pandemonium over the “discovery” of this plant; I don’t know how moringa will be turned into food for the body, but with the double phallic connotation* of its name, and the ludicrous “Reflection” column that focused a spotlight on it, I am sure that it will be spiritual food for a diverse collection of jokes for a long time to come.

*Translator’s note:
“Moringa” is similar to, or rhymes with, more than one Cuban word for various body parts or sex acts.

July 11 2012