Threatened Eviction: Reporting in Real Time / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Amaury Pacheco, his wife Iris and their six children.

This family is occupying an empty apartment in Alamar, a housing development east of Havana.

From OmniZonaFranca website:

We never received any intention from housing officials trying to resolve our case, we know that the State Security is aware of this situation. The traditional discourse of humanity and protection of the family are ever further from the real body of work of the State. The notice of the eviction by force of the family of Amaury demonstrates this in a practical sense. This …can not be happening without the knowledge of the highest levels of government of the country, because local officials do not dare to take such a step without direction from what Cubans call “from above.”

The house that Amaury and Iris occupy is NOT being reclaimed by ANYONE. It was abandoned for years. The State never offered it nor asked.
There are several friends here in Amaury Pacheco’s house: OLPL, Antonio Rodiles and Ailer Gonzalez, “Estudiante Sin Semilla,” Alina Guzman of OmniZonaFranca, etc.
How can occupying a commune in the heart of Alamar corrupt all of Havana and what is left of Cuba in the Revolution?
Yesterday, SUNDAY, they notified Amaury of Omni that at any moment he would be LEGALLY evicted by public force, including the police and the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution
This is a family.

16 July 2012