Night of the Witches / Rebeca Monzo

In reality, I like the haunted nights, and once a year a Halloween wouldn’t be a bad thing. But…

Here on my planet, the nights are no longer bewitched, in fact almost all are full of witches or witchcraft. They tell me that to celebrate Halloween in other countries, the children dress up, go out to walk through the neighborhood with their parents, going from door to door looking for treats. Here, they knock on the door at any time of the day or night and take off running, and when you look out to see who’s there, there’s no one. You don’t have any candy for yourself, much less to give away. As for film premieres, when we go out in the streets we can see, without even buying a ticket, several horror films: The Haunted Bus; The Assault in Broad Daylight; The Rage at the Bakery; The Onion Ghost; Life for a Little Trip; In Pursuit of Potatoes; The Chicken Pilot, etc.

Tobe dressed as a witch or a demon, is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact it’s a daily thing. At least these are the references copied from video clips. So tomorrow will not be an extraordinary day on my planet. Witches and warlocks will head out into the streets, to face our daily demons.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

October 29, 2010