New Farming Push / Luis Felipe Rojas

Photo: Luis Felipe Rojas

Since a wave of new unemployment is occurring throughout the country, domestic initiatives are also being pushed. The state co-operatives do not allow anyone else on their staff or in their plant, and as for the surplus going towards agriculture…we’re going to have to see about that, my friend. Sharecroppers in every corner sharpen their tools and stuff near their homes in order to try to make the land produce. Now, there is a surplus of working hands in the defective state-run system, and the simplest of the working peasants are taking in their urban neighbors.

Rafael, for decades, suffered the scorn of those who thought they were secure at their desks, while he sat on the seat of a truck or at the security checkpoint of a factory.

Today, those who scorned him are sitting at the door to his house, having been propelled to the countryside to find a spot where they can join their peers in the countryside. Since I am not a prophet, weatherman nor an economist, I usually contradict myself: I am betting there will be an individual push; the desire not to die of hunger will make many more look to the land they once trod with disdain to find where the fruit will come from to put on their tables.

The more you press play, the Maroons were more runaways. There is a binge of optimism, this will not release all lines, but will drop some blindfolds and unplugging some ears of stone.

Them more they tighten the game, the more the wild ones push back. It’s not a rash of optimism, this will not loosen the mooring ropes, but it will drop some of the blindfolds and unplug some of the ears of stone.

October 3, 2010