I’m not a thief, much less was I kicked out for stealing a flag / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

This was the answer I gave to one of my girlfriends last Saturday at 3:00 at night when she told me that one of the members of the OREMI project asked her about my case and she replied that I had left CENESEX for having stolen, from this official center, the flags that a group of dissidents used in the walk on the Prado.

I want to recall that in my last conversation with the current director of that organizations, Ms. Mariela Castro, she also accused me of this, forgetting that in Cuba there are other multicolored flags besides those belonging to the center that she runs.

However, I did not deny that Ignacio Estrada — who is now my spouse — carried a flag at that event, a flag bearing my signature and the date we met, which I gave him as a gift. But the flag I gave to Ignacio was a gift from an American citizen to me. A citizen who perhaps lied to her for fear of not being able to return to Cuba, because I assure you that there is no fear of losing the little contribution to the development activities for her and the entity she directs.

I don’t know what this official said after I left CENESEX to my former colleagues, it must have been nothing good. But I appeal, still, to the human material that is within each of them to stop deceiving the person to whom they responded like this.

The answer offered by this health promoter to my girlfriend was not her own opinion, it is something thought up and manipulated from within the institution.

Wendy Iriepa presented her resignation letter not as a thief, but because Ms. Mariela Castro questioned my personal life and more than that doubted my work and tried to get me to choose between my work and my private life. Nevertheless, what benefits could I gain from the theft of a flag when the institution in which I worked at that time already had losses of other kinds and went so far as to impute them even to a dead person.

It’s time for them to stop and think, and if they want to continue top enforce that I be spoken of this way, I will feel obligated to continue talking about what happens in the shadows of the Castros and their institutions.