Hysteria in Panama / Fernando Damaso

The circus staged by the delegation of governmental organizations at the Forum on Civil Society in Panama, supported by a similar one from Venezuela, was to be expected. Those people, used to imposing their opinions by force, without listening to anyone who thinks differently, are impossible to argue with, debate, much less have discussions with. They limit themselves to repeating what they are ordered to say by their bosses.

They are used to actively participating the “repudiation rallies” against the opponents, always protecting the authorities and the repressive organs, and have found a different scenario, where there is equal respect for everyone, where differences are accepts and political adversaries are just that, not mercenaries nor traitors, because they all know that the opponents of today are the leaders of tomorrow and vice versa.

This fundamentalist position is characteristic of those who represent the interests of the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, true “chicks of the Talibans,” used to talking a lot but saying nothing, and shouting loudly but not listening to others.

It seems incredible in this 21st Century that these dogmatists and extremists still exist, that they have more to do with totalitarianism than with democracy. thus, their hysteria and absurd demands, asking the Panamanian authorities to prohibit the participation of Cuban and Venezuelan opponents, and even demanding their expulsion from the country, and even that they will be punished when they return to Cuba.

If anyone had any doubts about how the opinions of others are pursued in Cuba, how they violate the citizens’ fundamental rights, what happened in Panama is a good demonstration.

They tried to deceive public opinion, trying to pass off governmental organizations disguised as civic society, and got their tail caught in the door. They forget that, in the Internet era, the lie no longer has legs. Their reactionary ideas, their even more reactionary methods of trying to impose themselves by force, are outdated and no longer convince anyone with half a brain.

9 April 2015