Cuban Government supporters prevent the meeting of Cuban activists in Panama / 14ymedio

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Panama, 10 April 2015 — On Friday morning, several Cuban activists found themselves trapped, unable to leave the Panama Hotel, due to the presence of a large number of supporters of the Havana Government, who with shouts, shoves and slogans prevented them from leaving the site and attending their meeting.

The events occurred during the morning, when the conclusions of the Civil Society Forum should have been being drafted, but whose implementation has been put at risk by the continuous interruptions.
Several Cuban activists took refuge in the hotel’s Salon Topacio, in the face of the threats and attacks by protesters.

Among the insults shouted by the protesters were “Get out, down with the worms,” “CELAC* yes, OAS no,” “Murderers” and “Mercenaries.”

*Community of Latin American and Caribbean States