Cuban Festival in Panama / Fernando Damaso

The violent events in Panama, where the representatives of the Cuban regime shed their lamb skins and, ready for action, turned into a real pack of wolves, and launched insults and blows against Cubans who think differently, becoming a national shame.

The stars of this shameful spectacle were a mediocre writer, a frightened poet and a historian of Cantinflasian oratory, transformed into energetic state officials. Seeing figures of culture and intellect downgraded to simple “neighborhood bullies” (some lacking any demonstration of courage in their whole lives), was humiliating and laughable.

Who can believe what they asserted in their eloquent speeches? Having accepted, by conviction or cowardice, to put themselves in front of these “repudiation rallies” and engage in vandalism, they are reduced to what they are: simple puppets of the regime, those used according to short-term political needs, and then discarded. They aren’t the first and they won’t be last.

As a neighbor of mine with serious grammatical problems says: “It seems incredible that people ‘of such little talent and unprepared’ are such riffraff.”

About the other representatives of the government organizations present there, notable in their verbal and physical aggressions, there’s little that can be said: simply repeating the same things, forming part of the screaming rowdy government mob, the same that are mobilized for a “repudiation rally,” a beating, to vote in false elections and attend parades and rallies at the rhythm of the party.

Neither one nor the other are a part of the people of Varela, Del Monte, Luz y Caballero, Céspedes, Agramonte, Maceo, Gómez, Martí, Varona, Juan Gualberto, Villena, Echevarría and other worthy Cubans. It seems that shame and civility are missing in Cuba.

11 April 2015