Dynastic Socialism / Reinaldo Escobar

None of the classics of Marxism-Leninism could foresee the possibility that a country formally declared as socialist would be governed by a family dynasty. But now we get the news (?) after the death of Kim Jong Il that the leadership of that country will be left in the hands of his third son, Kim Jong-un, whom they call “the brilliant comrade.”

With the information available to us on this island, we should not make predictions about whether the new Kim has reformist tendencies, or is subnormal, or is more totalitarian than his predecessors. What I do consider useful to put on the table is the ease with which in this country’s public offices are inherited and, what interests us most, is how the Cuban media, private property of the Communist Party, approaches the issue: taking it for granted.

In the name of an alleged respect for the sovereignty of nations, they will recognize the legitimacy of the new leader, happy that a precedent exists, quick to point out the “imperialist maneuvers” or “media campaign” launched with regards to a family clan’s perpetuating itself in power. We must pay attention to the degree to which such a monstrosity is accepted, because said acceptance will be directly proportional to the proclivity to repeat here what happens there.

And I won’t even try the line, “this is not North Korea.”

19 December 2011