Disproportion / Rebeca Monzo

Once more a phrase comes to mind, that famous one of Generalissimo Máximo Gómez, the Dominican who fought in our wars of independence, when he said in reference to us Cubans that we either didn’t get there or went too far.

The authorities on our planet seem to have gone overboard in the media regarding the honors paid to the recently deceased Julio Casas Regueiro*. I am not going to speak of his numerous military merits, as I am ignorant in that matter, and I do not question them.  I am only saying that, as I see it, there has been some exaggeration.

The death occurred last Friday, September 3rd, and today, Wednesday the 7th, the media are still covering the topic in depth. Even the newspaper Granma, which I don’t usually buy but today I did, as I was startled to see it all in black. The first thought that came to my mind was: Good heavens, it seems like my planet has also run out of red ink! The truth is that if our emotions keep rising, we may soon have an issue totally in black, like a by now obsolete sheet of carbon paper.

*Translator’s note: Julio Casas Regueiro was previously Deputy Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces in charge of Economic Activity. When Raul Castro succeeded Fidel Castro as head of state, he replaced Raul as Minister of Defense, the post he held at the time of his death, along with that of Vice-President of the Council of State.

Translated by: Espirituana

September 7 2011