CID Delegate in San Miguel del Patron Won’t Appear Before State Security / Katia Sonia

Elpidio Rodríguez Casas, member of the CID in San Miguel del Padrón

Elpidio Rodriguez Casas, delegate of the Cuban Independent and Democratic Party in the municipality of San Miguel del Padrón, refused to appear in response to a subpoena issued by the Lieutenant Nelson of state security to 3:00 pm on August 3, the municipal unit of the National Revolutionary Police.

Homes Rodriguez declared his disagreement with the summons to appear arguing that he does not have to be interviewed by any officer of State Security.

The security of the state visited the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) associated with the residence of Elpidio Rodriguez Casas, located at Dolores #18514 between Calzada de San Miguel and San Mariano, Rocafort neighborhood, to ask them to evict him from his home after the departure of his son to the United States of America.

August 3 2011