Black Eyed Peas Fan Annoys GECAL Executives / Dora Leonor Mesa

Recently a gentleman visited me, concerned by the wording of my posts (!?). The official said he belonged to the Ministry of Justice. Among his “friendly” criticisms, adorned with details of my personal life and my family, he advised me to be careful with the legal representative of the Business Group GECAL (Havana Construction Business Group).

“She has a ’bad character’” he said.

At the end of the conversation I have doubts about his visit. Was it a threat or a comfort? The chagrin of the GECAL executives relates to the fact of making public the name of the director, Mr. Nelson Cordova Pita and the legal representative of the company. It’s actually a crude ploy, because in the post I mention only the principal and exclude the lawyer, the person they want me to see as a “bad character”.

It is no secret to anyone that government repression against the opposition and civil society activists has intensified strongly. The rain of harassment and retaliation are permanent; although to be fair, dissent and civil society activists get the best part. The Cuban population suffers more, much more.

Like what happened with the murder of a 14-year-old, Alain Izquierdo Medina, killed for climbing a mamoncillos tree with two other children who miraculously escaped injury. The already judged guilty, Mr. Amado Interian, retired from the police forces, had time to hide and sought to evade justice.

Mr. Amado Interian is known in the community where he lives for his “bad character”. Sources who prefer to remain anonymous claim that his anger has killed on other occasions. The value shown by Alain Izquierdo’s mother, Mrs. Raisa Medina, the intervention of the attorney Laritza Diversent and other efforts made, including the complaint to the Committee of Experts of UNICEF, managed land him to jail, although the sentence is less than for killing a cow.

On April 16, 2011 a woman in uniform, citing security reasons because of the military parade, took away the bottles of water from elementary school students in Vedado, forcing youngsters to go thirsty for 5 hours. The controversial incident prompted another investigation I requested from the Expert Committee for UNICEF.

It could signal different situations where I have acted against the “evil genius” harmful to girls and Cuban girls. I have tried to help a bit and I will continue doing so. I make the Cuban government responsible for the harm it can do to me and my family. Meanwhile, from time to time, I imagine in Cuba finding the time to listen to and personally enjoy the Black Eyed Peas:

I gotta feeling…

March 6 2012