Owners of What? / Cuban Law Association

By Lic. Yanelis Ramírez Cruz

The right to private property is pending matter in Cuban society.

The means of production are State owned, so there is no initiative for individual productivity. Productive activity is in the hands of the State, which establishes the working conditions, remuneration or any issue related to the employment relationship, as independent trade unions or any similar associations are banned.

The State’s monopoly of productive activity is a very strong tool, and every citizen who opposes this could lose their livelihood, and even political opposition can be used as an argument that you are working for a foreign power, which may imply some criminal penalty.

Economic freedom, the possibility of undertaking productive enterprises or businesses, to obtain and dispose of the fruits of your labor, is one of the most effective ways to achieve independence and individual prosperity.

Totalitarian regimes know that this independence becomes incompatible with absolute power. Hence the obsession with maintaining strict control of the economy, and the contempt for that sector of society that is striving for improvement and advancement.