Anti-Governmental Signs in San Miguel del Padron / Katia Sonia

Several anti-governmental signs appeared on the walls of official buildings January 17, in the Gardiola neighborhood in the municipality of San Miguel del Padrón.

On the “Panque Llave” bakery, located on Aleja between San Francisco and Dolores, one could read “Down with Fidel” and on the Food Warehouse, between 1º de Mayo and Circunvalación Streets, one could read, “They picked up the stallion to let the mare out*” an allusion to the brothers Fidel and Raul Castro. Several of the spectators predicted a public demonstration against the layoff measures being taken in the workplaces.

At each place there were Communist Party militants called to paint over the signs with dark paint, read out a statement, and sing the national anthem.

*Translator’s note: A more or less untranslatable and extremely insulting expression; the stallion is Fidel Castro and the mare is Raul Castro.

January 20 2011