A Sky The Color of Winter / Rebeca Monzo

On my planet the sky dawned today the color of winter. It looks like when a cold front comes. Still hot, but there is a breeze and the sun is less aggressive. Magnificent day to go out and do things.

Passing Zapata and 12th, opposite the cemetery entrance, all the activity called my attention. It looked like they were preparing for an event. I didn’t pay too much attention, because I am hoping I am going to hear it first by shortwave.

Upon arriving at the Immigration officer, to ask them to search for my other grandfather, I met a friend in the line. She came to apply for a Permit to Reside Abroad (PRE), and she showed me the front page, all in black, of the Granma newspaper she had in her hands. Suddenly my heart leaped. Has it happened and I haven’t heard. Impossible, I would notice in the street, and all along the way, except at the cemetery, everything seemed normal. When I read it, I was afraid. They have issued a decree establishing October 6 of every year as Victims of State Terrorism Day, for all the Empire’s acts of terrorism we have been subjected to.

Gentlemen, you cannot assign terrorism to one name. Nor democracy.

Terrorism was the plane in the Barbados, terrorism is the ETA, terrorism is the FARC, terrorism was the twin towers, terrorism is Al Qaueda. Everything that wants to impose through acts of force, that involves the death of innocent people, whomever does it and wherever it comes from. To claim the lives of others, destroy public buildings, plant bombs, kidnap, impose ideas and social models by force, in my humble opinion, this is terrorism. A sky the color of mourning, like the terrorist want to impose, is not the same as a sky the color of winter, like today.

October 6, 2010