A Citizens’ Demand / Regina Coyula

“For Another Cuba”

A person who I hold in great esteem led me to discover a truth of Perogrullo*: I’m a citizen. Something so evident had remained half-intertwined among other dangerous ideas like liberty and democracy. For me, it’s been like a child learning to walk: first, clumsily, then more confidently, until there’s no turning back.

It’s because of this that I’ve received the Civic Demand for a Better Cuba with enthusiasm, because it seems logical to me that I, as a part of the people, who are sovereign and elect public officials to execute popular mandate (at least, in theory), convey knowledge and conviction regarding the fact that the ratification of the United Nations Compact by the government will bring benefit to all to citizens who, like me, have not realized it.

I’m not speaking about political affinities, but rather about exercising a civil right.

*Translator’s note: A truth of Perogrullo is a statement of the obvious. Perogrullo’s origins are disputed, but he was a real or fictional person from sometime between 1200-1600.

Translated by: Will Bettinelli

August 6 2012