14yMedio’s 14 Faces of 2019

These people mark the news of the year for the 14ymedio newsroom.

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 24 December 2019 — The year is nearly over and it is time to draw up the editorial plans for the next twelve months and also to share with 14ymedio readers the list of names that this newspaper considers keys to understanding the news of the year 2019.

Here are those people or groups that set the pace for the most important events that happened in Cuba in the artistic or sports scene, in social activism, the media and even in the official network. These 14 names are linked to the most emblematic moments of the last twelve months and without them it would be very difficult to understand the year that is ending.

Faces may be missing from this list, but there are none that shouldn’t be here:

José Daniel Ferrer, opponent

Manuel Marrero, prime minister

Guillermo García Frías, commander

Iliana Hernández, activist

Beatriz Batista, animal protector

Landy Rodríguez Hernández and Assel Herrera Correa, doctors kidnapped in Kenya

Leinier Dominguez, chess player

Carlos Acosta, dancer

The ‘regulated’

Yaima Caballero, mother of Paloma Domínguez Caballero

Ricardo Fernández Izaguirre, freelance journalist

Camilo Condis, entrepreneur and podcaster

Dianelys Alfonso, La Diosa, singer

Alex Otaola, influencer and communicator


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