14ymedio’s Faces of 2019: Assel Herrera y Landy Rodríguez, Doctors Kidnapped in Kenya

The Cuban doctors Landy Rodríguez Hernández and Assel Herrera Correa. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 27 December 2019 – The doctors Assel Herrera Correa, a specialist in general medicine from Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, and Landy Rodríguez Hernández, a surgeon from Placetas, Villa Clara, were kidnapped in Kenya on April 12, when they were traveling in an official vehicle to work in the Mandera hospital, near the border with Somalia.

Both doctors were part of the contingent of Cuban doctors relocated to Kenya when they were allegedly captured by an Islamist militia from Al Shabab. Since then, the government has opposed paying the ransom demanded by the terrorists and has chosen to send a group of elderly leaders to try to negotiate with them. The little that is known about these two Cubans is that they continue to practice medicine in their captivity and have converted to Islam, presumably because they were forced into it.

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