Zoely’s Insomnia, Chapter 2 / Regina Coyula

Alas! Zoely is now in worse shape, because she went to see the original owner of her Aleko-make car to agree on the terms for the transfer of ownership, but it seems that someone whispered into the retired old man’s ear that the current value of the car is much higher and that he should get some compensation, the kind that is not satisfied with some little old shopping bags of goods. He drove Zoely to the edge of a nervous breakdown because, surrounded by the foul smell of his cigar and with indifference, he cut to the point that has Zoely not just sleeping badly, but not sleeping at all. The owner said that that car… now with the new law… that as she will remember the registration is under his name… that his signature is worth something. Zoely argued that she had bought a corpse and had invested a lot in order to get it to its current condition, to which the old man responded by pointing to the splendid creation parked in front of his porch with the hand holding the cigar and finished off: “Then there is no transfer”.

¿How will it end? It’s like the soap operas on the radio: … and don’t miss the next chapter of… (the announcer pauses and continues in a higher and pompous tone)… Zoely’s Insomnia.

Translated by: Espirituana

November 2 2011