We Ask of the Pope / El Ciro – Ciro Javier Díaz Penedo

Benedict XVI should speak at the morning Mass of the arrests of citizens in Cuba, of the beating received yesterday by a person who, during his Mass, of the abuses the Cuban government inflicts on its population, and if he does not he is, in some way, an accomplice to this tyranny, he would be visiting a country where people in power once proscribed his religion and ordered the murder of its priests and the faithful.

These are the same people with whom the Pope is conversing fraternally now. I am not saying not to do it, diplomacy has its uses, but they should be in the service of goodness and justice, and as he meets with these assassins he should at least do the same with those of us who struggle against them in a peaceful manner.

The Pope should meet with good Cubans such as Oswaldo Payá, Dagoberto Valdez or Yoani Sanchez. None of these citizens have acted in a violent way against the Cuban authorities who, for their part, have done so against them, these people who confront the Communist, totalitarian and tyrannical regime in Cuba simply by raising their voices.

27 March 2012