More Arrests and Disappearances / El Ciro – Ciro Javier Díaz Penedo

Williams, bass player for Porno para Ricardo has disappeared. He left at 9 am from home heading to the clinic and has not returned although he has had more than enough time to do so. This, coupled with the disappearance of this morning Ismael Diego and the arrest yesterday of Danilo Maldonado (El Sexto) makes me think that both have been kidnapped. The media must let the Pope know that his visit to Cuba is having these kinds of consequences and the least we can do is to refer publicly to this fact.

I ask people who read this article to collaborate however they can to insist that Pope should speak publicly at Mass tomorrow of the abuses being committed by the regime against Cuban citizens. Almost all of our phones have been disrupted and many of us, for days now, are being threatened and in some cases taken into custody without excuse. His Holiness Benedict XVI should condemn the arbitrary and unjust actions that the government of Cuba is perpetrating against its citizens on the occasion of his visit to Havana.

Anyone, who can send me an email from someone with influence in newspapers, radio or television please send it to me at Or ask them to publish what is happening in Cuba at this time.


27 March 2012