Venezuela, life or the abyss: we can’t abandon her now / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 1.49.53 PMLeftist dictators never quit. So says a killer subject called World History.

The leftist dictatorships of Latin America will not be an exception. They are establishing eternal systems like the Castro dynasty, to the humiliation of the Cuban people. Or imposing their feast of crimes before and after being thrown out of power, like Salvador Allende’s radical regime in Chile. In both cases, the price of any change is criminally expensive.

Today, Venezuela is in the streets debating between these two endpoints. Having already crossed both.

The infamous interference of the Castro regime incubated mass manipulation there, sowing the poison of irreconcilable classes, the inherent evil of Marxism. Sowing victimhood as a justification for impunity; political crime disguised as a plane crash, or hunger strike or criminal assault, within and beyond national borders; the lifelong self-coup of the State; the idea of a foreign archenemy; coercion and blackmail as a technique of governance; legislation beyond all legality; and even falling into that morbid medievalism of a leader consecrated by the bones of the Liberator.

It’s sad. It’s embarrassing, with so many Latin Americans devoted to harmony and progress, that at the end of the Castro regime it reaches out from the Antilles to fall, with more force than ever, across our American lands. An invasion that is now at the cost of a populist carnival of some social programs obligatorily free in their theatrical sensationalism. And still, as is now shamefully obvious to the world, it is still an avalanche that doesn’t abandon its barbaric custom of voting with bullets and more bullets, preferably into the heads of the voters.

In the case of Diosdado Cabello, and the presidential figure of Nicolas Maduro behind whom this citizen shields himself, their lightening assault troops — the “collectives” of criminals trained and armed by the State at the expense of the public coffers — recalling the worst style of the Blackshirts or the SS of the European genocide, who decades ago dreamed of a world under a single command in perpetuity.

Thus, perhaps, the obscene obsession of the Bolivarian rulers, including the region’s communist parties — with an emphasis on the Chilean complicity — in hurling the epithet fascist to the right and left: we already know that the thief always shouts “catch him, he’s a thief” to distract attention from his own misdeeds.

Neither students nor exiles, deputies or ministers, opponents or informants, top-stars or generals, are safe from these thugs with no nationality. Technically, with too many nationalities, because the motorcycle herds — on their Suzukis and Geelys in Cuba, for example — are the operational tactics of the island’s political police, as a modus operandi in the totalitarian left’s new crusade-of-no-return: eternity or death, comrades.

In effect, the Castro regime has committed even its lack of soul to the socialist submission of Venezuela, at least until Fidel and Raul die. And afterwards their Putin-inspired heir, Raul Castro Espin.

For this, to the ruinous repression against innocents, they now join an international plot against Venezuela, loving it to death. Authoritarian Asia has offered financial rescue to this dictatorship-in-ruins, formerly an exceptional economy. From civilized Europe they sell arms for the genocide, along with advice on human rights as compensation. From the United States, complicity privately promises no intervention in the hemisphere’s democracies. Wipe the cadaver clean.

The 49.12% of the Venezuelan people certified by the vote count of the Chavistas themselves in the 2013 elections is outraged but helpless before an abusive army of state intervention. The lack of solidarity of the thousand and one dignitaries of the free West is outrageous, people who should have already closed ranks with the Venezuelan students to avoid a Latin American Tiananmen, a vile vortex so useful to the Castro regime as it enthrones itself.

The new generations of our America are being massacred for demanding at least this 49.12% of the country that belongs to them by right. The price of not responding will be the loss of 100% of everyone’s country for ever, within and beyond the nation’s borders. From the debacle direct to an irreversible Made-in-Havana despotism, with metastases not only in Moscow, but in Iran and China and North Korea.

For God’s sake. A mistake in Venezuela is a mistake in the Americas, is a mistake in the future of the world.