They Command More Than We Are Winning, Those on the Island…! / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Manden más que estamos ganando los de la Isla…, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.…AVID.CU: THIS IS WHAT BAR.CU BRINGS, WE ARE VERY FUCKED OR VERY G2UCKED…?

[Quoting from an anti-dissident posting on a Cuban government sponsored website]

… more even that the high-definition images that reach us from the annals of the award gala at the diplomatic site of his excellency — and perhaps disingenuous — ambassador of the Netherlands. In any case, it’s very distinct from the morbid delight of the official paparazzo of the Blogger Academy. Indeed, the last self-portrait of the abstruse Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo borders on the brash egotistical. For their part, Yoani and Reinaldo were not far behind at the awards event, while the Blessed Common Man re-released his best shot at leper martyr. Although his popularity is going downhill in his rolled parenteral, mangy dogs that lick the keloids are still abundant on both sides of the anti-Castro lite. Thank heavens he wasn’t exhibiting his bare torso, as is his custom. And the crutch is a poem. As for the magnificence of Dutch ambassador, what else could be expected of a career diplomat? The same could be said of the spineless European Union and its cocktail shaker “non-binding” sanctions…

January 13 2011