The Jealous Fridge / Regina Coyula

Near the house there is a store in CUC where after closing it seems they turn off the refrigerators and then turn them back on in the morning when they open again, such that when they open the frozen food is thawed with an unpleasant look and a horrible smell. Just in case, I never buy at the store, but the other day I went for a bottle of oil and I heard this surreal dialogue:

Compañera! Why are the hot dogs always soft? (An older gentleman with a baseball cap that has left a bag with groceries in the door.)

Compañero, it’s that the fridge is defective.

– What do you mean by defective!!!

– Defective, it doesn’t freeze well.

– Are you sure?

– What do you mean am I sure, Compañero?

– Yes, young lady, because it seems the refrigerator is neurotic, or Mr. Fridge is giving her a bad time, because if I come in the morning the products are thawed, but in the afternoon they have solved their problems and everything here is frozen.

– Ay Compañero, you talk so weird…

Translated by: L. Rodriguez

April 29 2011