Sancti Spíritus Annuls Measure That, For Two Days, Limited the Sale of Bread to Children and Elderly

’14ymedio’ was able to verify that both in the La Camagüeyana ration store and in La Buena Idea, there was a limitation on the distribution of bread on the 11th and 12th of May. (Escambray)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Mercedes García , Sancti Spíritus , 15 May 2021 — After the criticism received in Sancti Spíritus in response to the announcement that in the rationed market bread would be sold only to children and the elderly, the authorities have annulled the measure, which they describe as a “rumor,” and have once again offered the product to consumers of all ages.

This newspaper had reported on May 11 that in the province of Sancti Spíritus only children under 8 years of age and adults over 65 could buy rationed bread, due to the crisis in the supply of wheat flour on the island.

However, a note published this Wednesday in the local newspaper Escambray says that ” bread that is delivered to the population for the basic basket is guaranteed throughout the month of May for the more than 186,000 households in the territory.”

The information, according to the official media, was confirmed by the director of the provincial Food Company, Octavio del Rosario Argüelles, “in order to deny the rumor that circulates in the networks that claimed it would only be distributed to children up to 8 years old and adults over 65.”

“Yes, there is a decrease for the bread that is destined for social consumption due to limitations in the arrival and delivery of raw material, but it is guaranteed that it goes to prioritized health institutions such as hospitals, isolation centers, also prisons and child care centers,” said the official.

Despite the official denial, 14ymedio was able to verify that both in the La Camagüeyana ration store and in La Buena Idea, bread distribution was restricted at least on May 11 and 12. A state worker confirmed that now the authorities “from above” have reversed the measure and they have to provide bread to everyone, although she insists “that the bread has been lacking.”

“In my house there are three of us, me and my parents, and those days only two loaves arrived and not three as it should be,” a young man from Spiritus who buys at La Camagüeyana told this newspaper.

“People went crazy with the idea that bread was only for children and old people, in the street they didn’t talk about anything else,” a retiree from the Kilo 12 area tells this newspaper. “Now they say that it was a social media lie, but it was also implemented in my neighborhood.”

The bread situation has worsened throughout the country and the crisis has reached the Cuban capital where since last Monday the product that is sold outside the rationed market has been reduced “approximately 30%” due to “the effects on the availability of wheat flour,” according to local authorities.

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