R&R Cigar / Rebeca Monzo

It was a very fashionable refrain when we were kids. Right now, it again seems to occupy the foreground in the media of our planet: rescue the railroad right of ways, rescue agriculture, rescue the sugar industry, rescue the fishing fleet, rescue urban transport, rescue the dry cleaners, rescue the hair salons, rescue the bovine cattle, rescue the milk industry, rescue the food service, rescue the family doctor’s houses, rescue light industry, rescue the henequen plant, rescue, rescue, rescue.

The more I try to strain my memory, I can’t locate in which previous government it was that all this came down from, but I know we already spent 52 years with it. Why now, in the year 2011, is it that our leaders are informed of this and that everything I mentioned has to be rescued. Where were they (if they are the same ones), who didn’t realize that everything has deteriorated rapidly? With that mentality of always blaming imperialism for all of our problems, I don’t believe that we can move even a single step forward. If we continue giving time after time, implementing guidelines, studying even the most hidden places in the country and waiting for the proper implementation of these, the time will come when now there is nothing left to do. Well then we will go heads down, muttering the chorus goes like this: “R&R Cigar, R&R Barrel, the cars go fast, when there was a railroad.

Translated by: BW

July 20 2011