From Wendy and Ignacio / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

Translator’s Note: We welcome, today, the blog of Wendy and Ignacio — Open Doors in Cuba — to Translating Cuba. This is their first post, from last September.
This is the fruit of our work and of all who have trusted in what can be achieved through love. Our union or marriage has not been seen only as a legal union, but as a giant leap forward for minorities and especially for the LGBT community in Cuba.

Our wedding is not a story to tell those who are on the road, it is for many an event without precedent that has come to change the history of our nation. We see it as an act of emancipation of our rights, we are sure that from this moment the Cuban LGBT community will not limit itself to the uncertain openings announced to the world from official channels.

We intend that this community, like us, will write its own history, free from a messianic role, and much less without the leadership of someone who represents the only causes of pain we have suffered for over fifty years. Pain that has been caused not only by the loss of values and identity, but of the most basic rights and the loss of the principal nucleus of society, the family.

Our Blog is intended as an open door for anyone who, putting aside preferences and without branding diversity, is willing to chart the road to freedom, taking love as the true path.

Wendy and Ignacio

5 September 2011