Personal Glasnost / Regina Coyula

I appreciate the support of the commentators. I am not going to stop writing, nor have I thought of moderating the comments, though I appeal, yes, to the good judgment of those who write for more than catharsis.

Several of my readers have asked me.

When I was sixteen I started at MININT (The Ministry of the Interior). I was proud to have been selected. My family, which was completely “integrated” — that is supporters of the Revolution — received the news with great joy. MININT was seen by the revolutionaries as the organism destined to protect the Revolution from danger. Under its rules of compartmentalization — or “need to know” — I worked from 1973 to 1983 in the department of Technical Operations, and from then until 1987 I was an official operative, where I worked in the areas of culture. And until I discharged myself in 1990, I was in “Assurances.”

That was my history there. Like great romances, it was beautiful while it lasted.

September 10, 2010