A Double-Layered Denouncement / Luis Felipe Rojas

After half a century of diplomatic slip-ups, sophism, and trifles one reaches the point where they imagine that the Cuban government couldn’t possibly come up with yet another fallacy.  But all it takes is to wake up in the morning and listen to the radio or read the newspaper, and then you will quickly see … Continue reading “A Double-Layered Denouncement / Luis Felipe Rojas”

Ex-Police Official in Same Jail as His Victim’s Brother / Laritza Diversent

Amado Interian, the former official of the Ministry of the Interior, who shot Angel Izquierdo Medina, 14, while Mr. Medina was eating fruit from a mamoncillo tree this past July 15th, is being held in the same prison awaiting trial, as the victim’s brother. “They put him there so that my son can carry the … Continue reading “Ex-Police Official in Same Jail as His Victim’s Brother / Laritza Diversent”

Response to Elaine’s Irritation / Miriam Celaya

Just as expected, the article I published in number 9 of the magazine Voces which I reposted in this blog caused stinging and irritation in more than one website, which always makes me feel good. Among those affected by the stings, blogger Elaine Díaz seems to honor me with her attention in a particular way. … Continue reading “Response to Elaine’s Irritation / Miriam Celaya”

Ticket to (Another) Paradise / Ernesto Morales Licea

The landing gear descended and, as vertiginous as it is, rushed his body into the daylight. Hanging upside down, cut by irons and cables, semi naked, the torso of a Cuban greeted Barajas’ airport with his halo of death and desperation. That torso was only 23 years old. Nobody likes the word: desperation is an … Continue reading “Ticket to (Another) Paradise / Ernesto Morales Licea”

Pablo (not so) Loved in Miami / Ernesto Morales Licea

On August 27th, Pablo Milanes will sing in Miami. According to the billboard ads, it will be a historic concert. Of course it will: for his followers as well as for the Vigilia Mambisa. Some will lose their voices for singing along to his songs; others, outside American Airlines Arena, will lose theirs screaming out … Continue reading “Pablo (not so) Loved in Miami / Ernesto Morales Licea”

Achtung, Baby: A Whisper of Liberty in 360°

I wanted to not write about Bono, but I couldn’t. I wanted, for example, to write about something more global: music, my untameable ally, my refuge during times without peace. And to do so, let’s say, through U2, through the brutal concert U2 gifted me with. But I knew I would betray myself: I don’t … Continue reading “Achtung, Baby: A Whisper of Liberty in 360°”

Havana’s First Transgender Wedding / Yoani Sánchez

He was nicknamed Cusio and he was the laughingstock of all the boys in the school, but entertained us girls with his stories; we loved his taste in clothes and his helpful nature. He was born in a neighborhood where men boasted of being macho, ready to pull a knife if anyone questioned their manhood. … Continue reading “Havana’s First Transgender Wedding / Yoani Sánchez”

Cuba, We Who Are About to Die Salute You / Angel Santiesteban

So Orlando Zapata gave himself up with the only weapon he had. Guillermo Fariñas then went to the edge of the abyss, from where it is assumed there is no return, but his spiritual energy carried him and brought him back; besides, the fight is not over, that was only one chapter. Both Zapata and … Continue reading “Cuba, We Who Are About to Die Salute You / Angel Santiesteban”

With Regards to the Theory of Rescuing Socialism / Miriam Celaya

(Originally published in the Diario de Cuba dated August 3rd, 2011) Picture taken from Diario de Cuba The last five years in Cuba have been fruitful in the theoretical development of solutions to the country’s severe problems, mainly those related to the ills of the economy and other endemic viruses, an endless list including bureaucracy … Continue reading “With Regards to the Theory of Rescuing Socialism / Miriam Celaya”

Raul Castro: Five Years in Power / Iván García

Last July 31st, Raul Castro completed his first five years in charge of Cuba’s destiny. Unlike Fidel, he speaks little and isn’t too inclined to self-adulation. He knows the Cuban economic model is a fiasco and bets on a miracle. The old conspirator, now president of the Republic, has drawn his master plan. It relies … Continue reading “Raul Castro: Five Years in Power / Iván García”

Meurice, the Friend / Luis Felipe Rojas

Photos by: Luis Felipe Rojas On numerous occasions I have said that this is not a news blog. Here I can only hope to accumulate my travel reports, to make a map (for me) about the days lived, and on many occasions to be in places but not be visible due to my double condition … Continue reading “Meurice, the Friend / Luis Felipe Rojas”

BOOKONEANDO… / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

THE NIGHT OF THE BOOKS Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo That propagandist title has always seemed a little terrifying to me: The Night of the Books… It sounds as if the sun had set for books, as if brightness and clarity had disappeared, as if we had come across literary darkness and the letters had to … Continue reading “BOOKONEANDO… / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo”

Premeditated Eviction / Luis Felipe Rojas

His name is Rubisner Utria Gomez, he resided in La Cuarteria neighborhood of San German, in the province of Holguin. On the 8th of July he was evicted from his workers’ housing which he occupied along with two other families, due to the overcrowding and precariousness with which he previously lived. When, on that Sunday, … Continue reading “Premeditated Eviction / Luis Felipe Rojas”

Divine Providence and the Assassination of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia / Ricardo Medina

“Life is worth nothing if I ignore that the assassin took a different path and is preparing another ambush.” – Pablo Milanes When I retrospectively analyze my pastoral relationship with Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia, I discover that neither international forces or media campaigns were interested in him. Instead, God, who is never neutral before the … Continue reading “Divine Providence and the Assassination of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia / Ricardo Medina”

Threatened with Torture, Luis Felipe Rojas Affirms that He is Not Afraid / From Pedazos de la Isla

From Pedazos de la Isla This Friday August 5th is the Day of Resistance in Cuba, and as is expected the regime has started a crackdown on dissidents who have participated in events commemorating this day or who are planning to take part within the next couple of days.  The day before the resistance celebration, … Continue reading “Threatened with Torture, Luis Felipe Rojas Affirms that He is Not Afraid / From Pedazos de la Isla”