One Hundred Venezuelan Journalists Demand Freedom Of Expression In Cuba

Arrest of Leandro Pérez, official journalist, in 2016. (Indomar Gómez / 14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 23 March 2018 — One hundred Venezuelan journalists released a manifesto on Friday demanding freedom of expression and supporting independent journalism in Cuba to mark the 15th anniversary of the 2003 Black Spring.

“Three decades later, within Cuba, the right to express oneself freely and the exercise of independent journalism are crimes,” the manifesto states.

Among the signatories of the document, promoted by Venecuba and Medianálisis, there are prominent press, radio and television journalists such as Nelson Bocaranda, Reyes Theis and Andrés Cañizales.

“The lack of freedom in Cuba, which directly impacts journalists within the island, should move us to the defense of these rights and this situation can not be viewed with indifference by the societies of other countries,” the signatories denounce.

According to a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), during the 2003 Black Spring the 75 independent journalists and activists who were arrested were held for days in dungeons without the minimum conditions, subjected to humiliating treatment and away from their families.

“Journalists unjustly imprisoned during the massive assault on Cuban dissidence were finally released [in 2010], but that dark stage has led to a phase of constant and significant repression,” CPJ’s text says.

Last June, Reporters Without Borders once again placed Cuba among the countries with the lowest freedom of expression in the world, placing it in position 173 of the 180 countries listed.


Daniel Acosta

Gabriela Aguilar

Alfredo Álvarez

Víctor Amaya

Yaya Andueza

Loly Añez

Sirlene Araujo

José A. Aristimuño

Lorena Arraiz

Gabriel Bastidas

César Batiz

Jorge Berrueta

Marcelino Bisbal

Dayrí Blanco

Luis Ernesto Blanco

Nelson Bocaranda Sardi

Lisseth Boon

Lorena Bornacelly

Ingrid Bravo Balabú

Andrés Cañizález

Edgar Alfredo Cárdenas

Celina Carquez

Guzmar Castillo

Alexis Correia

Xabier Coscojuela

Carlos Delgado Flores

Jade Delgado

María Inés Delgado

Dhameliz Díaz

Gregoria Díaz

Luis Carlos Díaz

Héctor Escandell

Melanio Escobar

Arnaldo Espinoza

Pedro García Otero

Mariela Giménez

Elvia Gómez

Moraima Guanipa

Nilsa Gulfo

Jeanfreddy Gutiérrez

León Hernández

Ailyn Hidalgo

Andreina Itriago

Teresita Jiménez

Valentina Lares

Pedro Eduardo Leal

Leonardo León

Yelitza Linares

Aymara Lorenzo

Román Lozinski

Omar Lugo

Yndira Lugo

Humberto Márquez

Eugenio Martínez

Mariangel Martínez

Oscar Medina

Maru Morales

Amira Muci

Oscar Murillo

Gustavo Ocando

Gerardo Oviedo

Pablo Paz

Katherine Pennacchio

Juan José Peralta

Yayett Peralta

Leonardo Pérez

Elsa Piña

Eduardo Ponte

Damián Prat

Clavel Rangel

Carmen Riera

Albor Rodríguez

Ingmary Rodríguez

María Fernanda Rodríguez

Nayrobis Rodríguez

Patricia Rodríguez

Elides Rojas

Andrés Rojas Jiménez

Tibisay Romero

César Miguel Rondón

Josefina Ruggiero

Marco Ruiz

Katty Salerno

Francia Sánchez

Nora Sánchez

Raúl Semprún

Milagros Socorro

Patricia Spadaro

Leonardo Suárez

Rogelio Suárez

Reyes Theis

Humberto Torres

Keren Torres

Sheyla Urdaneta

Nilsa Varela

Shirley Varnagy

Juan Diego Vílchez

Miguel Villavicencio

Laura Weffer

Fabiola Zerpa


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