Official Communication: Angel Santiesteban Admitted to Salvador Allende Hospital with Dengue Fever / Angel Santiesteban

Headline in Official Newspaper: There is no dengue epidemic in Cuba

From Friday the 13th, Angel Santiesteban Prats presented with sporadic fever spikes, without the prison authorities responding to his requests for medical attention.

Just yesterday afternoon, Tuesday the 17th, they decided to send him “just as a routine” to the doctor, and after the results of the clinical test were back, they allowed him to be admitted with “suspected” dengue fever, into Salvador Allende hospital in the Cerro municipality. According to how things go, he will be discharged.

The mosquito that carried dengue fever, common in Cuba

They invented crimes he did not commit to imprison him and to silence his uncomfortable voice, critical of the dictatorship, refusing to listed to their own witness at his rigged trial, and all the witnesses to his innocence.

Imprisoned unjustly, they also refused to listen when he said he felt ill and needed medical attention, he had to endure five days with a fever for them to, finally, take him to a doctor.

Today he is admitted with “suspected” dengue fever.

Exiled Cuban writer Amir Valle presents Angel’s book in Berlin

How far does the regime intend to go? Angel spoke the truth when he said that he was innocent, Angel spoke the truth when he said, beginning on Friday, that he felt sick and had a fever. And here we have new proof that Angel always tells the truth: Angel has dengue fever.

In Cuba there are epidemics of dengue fever and cholera. In Cuba there is a complete lack of freedom and an abundance of cholera, dengue fever and official lies. These are truths that they can no longer hide though they keep trying. Every effort will be useless.

Angel at Estado de Sats before him imprisonment

Raul Castro Ruz, you and your cliques are absolutely responsible for the integrity of Angel Santiesteban-Prats, recently awarded the International Frank Kafka Novels of the Drawer Prize, and whose prize-winning novel, “The Summer God Was Sleeping,” was presented with great success at the Cervantes Institute in Berlin on that same Friday the 13th — when he was already demanding medical attention — despite the futile attempts of the government to rain on the parade through “Netxwerk Cuba.” The world is watching, the world is waking up. Just yesterday, in Geneva, once again the painful and shameful attempts of your representatives to silence Ofelia Acevedo, widow of Oswaldo Payá, failed before the Human Rights Council of the UN.

Every day there is less room for impunity and we hold you directly responsible, Raul Castro Ruz, for the life of Angel Santiesteban-Prats.

The Editor

18 September 2013