Lent / Lilianne Ruíz

Marta Pelegrino Cabales, second from the right, (now the widow of Wilman Villar Mendoza), with their two daughters in front of her, on December 22, 2011 when she went to "Aguadores" prison to demand medical attention for her husband.

Wilman Villar was a human being, Orlando Zapata Tamayo was a human being. Human beings are capable of love and hate, of fear, or of fighting, to free us or to be submissive, to have a domestic dispute, to drink or not to drink.

And yet, they are also be able to perform actions that most would be unwilling to carry through. In the end, it could be nothing glorious: time weighs heavy, the agony, the cell walled to the light and stinking, the hunger, cold, sticky humidity, the guards laughing, who end their shift and leave with their sadism in tow to see their wife or some other commitment, forgetting the “dog” they have left behind, without the burden of conscience because one of the things  Castro-Communism excised with surgical precision, in most people, is conscience.

To give up, to those who give unto him, of God and of responsibility and with this freedom, all together. For this the guards and the police are so sadistic, because they are cowards, none of them would not be willing to do what Zapata and Villar have done, because before they submitted and cowardly surrendered to the State in deep fear, and it seems that submission to the State also eroticized them and all the mechanisms triggered in unison: lush submission to state violence (you must have seen them waving flags and chanting to the machinery that kills), sadism, the absence of God in their souls having sacrificed their  conscience, with the result that most Cubans are already monsters whom is very difficult to forgive.

Yet we can not be like them, like the murderers, like the dictators. We have to be and always remember the humanity of the victims of the “Revolution” to save us from seeing ourselves like the dehumanized beasts who killed them.

I greatly need God to judge them because from this trial they can not escape. I greatly need God because the fear of the violence of the totalitarian state never again to let me be caught   caught in the mechanisms of submission. Where there is no language, no heart, no conscience, only silence and the despair of the sheep. I greatly need God.

Public demonstration in the town of Maffo, Contramaestre, on Sept 21, 2o11 - Wilman Villar Mendoza is next to the man with the sombrero.

February 13 2012